How to use Office 365 collaboration tools

As a user looking for power, you’re looking for simplicity and collaboration without in-depth technical expertise, i.e. to leverage the Office 365 collaboration tools.

SharePoint and Office 365 (Microsoft 365) are great productivity tools that are widely used for business collaboration, content management, search, and more.

Over the years, the complexity of SharePoint has grown enormously, making it a product that could be a challenge for many users. People complain about the complexity of licensing management and the lack of connectivity to mobile phones.

Your company is probably implementing a digital workplace strategy to improve collaboration between you and your colleagues. Either way, you might not be eager to put the time and effort into building a full SharePoint farm on big hardware. This is where the collaboration tools come in handy.

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Microsoft Delve removes the hassle of finding shared documents and navigating the file organization. With Delve, users no longer have to search in different chats, emails, and folders to find that shared document.

Delve creates a personalized experience by collecting shared files from Microsoft applications like OneDrive, Outlook, Teams, and more.


Power BI is a business analytics software that provides interactive visualization with self-service business intelligence capabilities. End users can create reports and spreadsheets themselves without relying on IT staff or database administrators.

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of applications, software services, tools, and connectors that work together to work on our data sources to turn them into insights, visually appealing, and great reports.

The goal of BI is to help control the huge flow of business information inside and outside the organization by first identifying the data and then processing it into condensed and practical management knowledge and intelligence.

The ultimate goal of BI in any business is to make optimal decisions at all levels of the company as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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Office Online is an Office suite with enhanced collaboration. You can work with your PowerPoint presentation team or Excel reports at the same time as a mobile application, browser, or desktop-based office suite.


In PowerApps, you can process organization details by running an application that you created or that someone else created or shared with you.

PowerApps are usually easy to learn. You can use it to quickly take responsibility for your fate, as long as you make the right moves when it comes to structuring.

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a workflow automation service for a growing number of applications and SaaS services that business users rely on. Workflows are essential for effective collaboration. Timely reporting and information about changes in content, people and applications bring staff closer to achieving common goals.

It used to be called Microsoft Flow.


Office 365 video is a lot like YouTube, only it is meant for business. You can create numerous channels to provide access to where users can tag people for easy detection. It’s a beginner, dynamic video portal available to Office and Microsoft 365 clients. It also provides secure placement, sharing, and playback of video messages across the company.


Your Outlook Web App calendar allows you to create and track appointments. You can create many calendars, link to other people’s calendars, and even share your calendar with others in your organization.


A planner is your daily work management tool. Planner allows business teams to create new plans, organize tasks, assign and collaborate on them, set expiration dates, update statuses, and share files. At the same time, visual dashboards and email notifications keep everyone informed of progress.


With Microsoft Exchange, you can achieve more with a rich, business experience via email on phones, tablets, desktops, and the Internet.

There is real pleasure from Microsoft Exchange’s privacy settings and regular users are alerted when an email comes from a third-party source.

Tools also help you keep your inbox and calendar organized. Microsoft also sends a weekly report to the user that shows how much time has been spent on personal versus leisure or off-screen collaboration.

This tool is ideal for any student at a major university while studying and working.


These features won’t work if you don’t have a good Office 365 backup solution. To be safe, an Office 365 backup is a must for any business worldwide.

Source: techwithgeeks

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De oplossingen van Microsoft zijn al decennia lang toonaangevend als het gaat om productiviteit, presentatie en e-mail. Voor Office 365 zijn deze bekende producten doorontwikkeld om uw organisatie sneller en efficiënter te laten werken. 

Microsoft biedt u naast de oplossingen uit de Microsoft 365 suite de cloudversies van Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online en Microsoft Teams. Deze diensten werken naadloos samen en zorgen voor maximaal gebruiksgemak op zowel pc’s, tablets, smartphones en browsers.

We leveren de nodige expertise om over deze diensten te kunnen beschikken en daarnaast de bedrijfsprocessen door middel van software te optimaliseren.