US military Microsoft cloud contract

The U.S. military remains with Microsoft on a $10 billion cloud contract.


The U.S. Department of Defense said Friday that it is sticking to its decision to award a $10 billion cloud computing contract to Microsoft, despite Amazon’s claims that President Donald Trump improperly influenced the process.

After a second look at the proposals for the “JEDI” contract for cloud computing, the Pentagon again concluded that Microsoft is preferred.

“Microsoft’s proposal still represents the best value for the government,” the department said in a statement, adding that it is “eager to deliver this opportunity to our men and women in uniform.”

However, the contract cannot proceed because a federal court order put it on hold while Amazon files a lawsuit over how the bidding was handled, the Pentagon noted.

“We appreciate that the DoD has confirmed after careful review that we have offered the right technology and the best price,” microsoft said.

“We are ready to get to work and ensure that those who serve our country have access to this much-needed technology.”

The 10-year Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) program will ultimately ensure that all military departments share information in a cloud-based system powered by artificial intelligence.

Amazon has claimed it was excluded from the deal because of Trump’s vendetta against the company and its CEO Jeff Bezos.

The entrepreneur, who also owns The Washington Post, is a frequent target of the US President, who claims the newspaper is biased against him.

Amazon is asking Trump and other top officials for testimony about the reasons for awarding the lucrative deal to Microsoft.

Amazon claimed in a blog post that the DoD’s reevaluation of bids was a “do-over” to allow Microsoft to fix a flawed proposal so that U.S. officials could “validate a flawed, biased and politically corrupt decision.”

“There is a recurring pattern in the way President Trump behaves when he is called upon to do something egregious: first he denies having done it, then he looks for ways to put it aside, to divert attention from it and attempts to delay the investigation. it,” Amazon said in the post.

“And then he ends up with a doubling of the blatant act.”

Amazon was considered the leading contender to deliver technology for JEDI, with Amazon Web Services dominating the cloud computing arena and the company already supplying classified servers to other government agencies, including the CIA.

Amazon argued in court documents that the Pentagon’s choice for Microsoft was puzzling, if not because of Trump’s repeated “determination to, in the words of the president himself,” “fuck Amazon.”

The protest, filed in the US Court of Federal Claims, calls for the bids of the rival JEDI to be re-evaluated.

Source: (AFP)

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