Transform every meeting with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Introducing the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium


Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium is a cloud-based IT management and monitoring service that monitors Microsoft Teams Rooms devices and their peripherals up-to-date and proactively, and supports an environment optimized for a great user experience.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium is designed for organizations that want to improve their meeting room experience and quickly increase their footprint by proactively providing management for Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. With this service, organizations can save time, money and expertise that would otherwise be spent on “do it yourself” room management.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium service is built on a strong foundation of Microsoft’s expertise in software-oriented endpoint management, machine learning, and intelligent automation. Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium helps organizations deliver high-quality experience across multiple remote sites and is suited to any growth rate an organization needs.

Transform every meeting with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Effective meeting room experiences

Effective meeting room experiences allow users to quickly start or join a meeting for maximum productivity. Proactive management, real-time monitoring and remediation keep rooms functional, up-to-date and safe.

Microsoft is to launch Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium. This offering builds on the Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard experience and management capabilities available from the Teams Admin Center by combining intelligent software, dedicated experts, and enhanced insights from different organizations to continuously improve the meeting room experience.

Introducing the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium

With Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium, Microsoft provides 24/7 management and monitoring of your room operating system and software, where Microsoft provides insights and alerts about any action you need on the ground and takes action on your behalf. This offering is just the beginning and Microsoft looks forward to expanding in the future with additional premium experiences.

By using Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium and leveing the partner ecosystem, Microsoft can address all your operational needs in the meeting room, including: 1) great device configuration,2) ongoing management and monitoring,and 3) on-site support.

Introducing the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium

Let’s take a closer look at the core components of the offer.

24/7 Intelligent operations

24-hour software and machine learning to automate updates, detect and manage incidents, and scale rooms efficiently.

  • Real-time monitoring to quickly detect and resolve problems.
  • Automated update management saves you time and resources.
  • Real-time alerts to let you know where and how to act.
  • Proactive remediation resolves certain incidents on your behalf.

Dedicated experts

A team of experts provides 24×7 service activities, cascading support and incident resolution assistance.

  • Incident diagnosis with prescriptive guidelines on the cause and actions required.
  • Automated and supportive technical assistance in troubleshooting.
  • Single-point escalation support for all hardware vendors.
  • Integration with ServiceNow.

Enhanced insights

Enjoy comprehensive analysis, reporting and proven knowledge on a large scale with many customers.

  • Proven scale-up that continually improves the operational experience
  • Reports and dashboards on daily activities and room performance, including inventory, room health and room reliability
  • Insights and recommendations on room use and history of incident trends
  • Full transparency about all operations performed on your behalf and alerts that need your attention through the dedicated admin portal
Introducing the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium
Join proximity from Microsoft Teams Rooms

The partner ecosystem plays a key role in bringing these end-to-end experiences with meeting rooms to life. The rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams and increased demand in meeting rooms are an important opportunity for partners to expand their business with meeting room offerings and help customers by providing additional services, capabilities, and on-site support. Microsoft is pleased to announce partnerships with partners – including AVI-SPL, Datavision, NTT, and Yorktel – who plan to integrate with Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium as their engine for Team Management, while providing additional solutions and value.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium is currently available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (excluding Quebec), Denmark, Finland, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands,New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

This article originally appeared on Microsoft Tech Community.

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