Role of co-organizer now available in Teams meetings

Wouldn’t it be great if you could organize a Teams meeting, but have others help you with “organizer” type tasks? This is now available, but has some limitations.

Short version:
Organizers can assign the role of co-organizer to up to 10 specific people they invite to their meeting. Co-hosts get most of the capabilities from the organizer in the meeting, including the ability to access and change the meeting options for the meeting. Now available.

Once this feature is enabled, the “Choose Co-organizers” option is available. The default value for this option is ‘None’. This new option looks similar to when “Specific People” are selected as presenters for the meeting. The meeting organizer can click on the selection box to open a drop-down menu where they can choose from the list of qualified individuals invited to the meeting.

To be considered for the role of co-organizer, an invitee must use an account that is on the same tenant as the organizer’s account (i.e., your colleagues). Organizers can assign the co-organizer role to up to 10 people.

Co-organizers will be displayed as additional organizers on the meeting roster and they will have most of the capabilities of an organizer in the meeting. Co-organizers can do the following:

  • Open and change meeting options
  • Bypass the lobby
  • Allow people from the lobby into a meeting
  • Lock the meeting
  • Present content
  • Change another participant’s meeting role
  • End the meeting for everyone

Co-organizers cannot do the following:

  • Create and manage breakout rooms (before you despair, read this: Supporting Teams Breakout Rooms Presenter
  • View and download attendance reports
  • Manage the meeting recording
  • Edit the meeting invitation
  • Delete or change the Organizer role


The “Me Only” selection for the “Who Can Present?” meeting option is updated to reflect that it applies to “Me and Co-Organizers Only.

The “Me Only” selection for the “Who can bypass the lobby?” meeting option is updated to reflect that it applies to “Me and co-organizers only.

Using the co-host role for a meeting is optional. If you choose not to use the co-organizer feature, nothing changes.

You don’t have to do anything. The “Choose Co-organizers” meeting option will automatically appear on the meeting options page when the feature is deployed.

Late November to early December 2021 mid to late May to mid June 2022. Available now.

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