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Microsoft Teams panels are now generally available to business customers.


On Ignite 2020, Microsoft announced a new category of devices called Microsoft Teams Panels. Microsoft Teams Panels is a compact digital display that provides a space and time management solution. With the help of Teams Panels, employees can book an available meeting room on site or find another time slot and reserve it directly from the panel.

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Microsoft Teams Panels. Crestron is the first hardware partner to have Microsoft Teams Panels on the market.

In the coming months, Microsoft will add the following new features to Teams Panels.

  • Room Capacity Warning uses selected cameras in the room to detect when the maximum number of people allowed per room has been reached.
  • Nearby rooms allow employees to view the building floor plan and book another room when a room is unavailable.
  • Room Check-in Notification sends a message to the display in the room that people are waiting outside in the next meeting.
  • Remove unused scheduled space identifies and allows the removal of ghost meetings to free up unused meeting room time slots.

Source: mspoweruser

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