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April 10, 2023

Discover how Microsoft Teams enables Phone Hybrid working

Communication and collaboration are essential for any business to operate efficiently. With the rise of remote working, it is even more important for teams to be able to stay connected and communicate effectively from wherever they need to be. Microsoft Teams Phone provides a cloud phone system with advanced features to enable hybrid work environments by providing secure, reliable and compatible communication solutions.

As a Partner with Microsoft, ALTA-ICT can help organizations maximize the effectiveness of Microsoft Teams Phone by leveraging its advanced features, such as Microsoft Phone Plans for voice call services and Microsoft Phone System for cloud PBX (Private Branch eXchange) capabilities. Microsoft Teams Phone offers seamless integration with Microsoft 365, allowing users to hold meetings from any device using audio, video and chat capabilities.

In this blog you will find:

📞 What is Teams Phone?

🕹️ Collaboration tool for a hybrid world

🔔 Phone requirements, options and licenses for Teams

📢 Next step: Teams Telephone implementation

What is Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone (formerly called Microsoft Teams Calling) is a cloud-based phone system. This Teams phone system can be used for both internal and external communications, allowing users to make and receive calls from any location with Internet access. With Microsoft Teams Phone, businesses have the ability to customize their communication settings to ensure security compliance while still being able to effectively collaborate and communicate with your team.

Why are companies using Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone provides a secure and reliable phone system for businesses. With Teams Phone, businesses have access to advanced features such as call routing, voicemail-to-text transcription, video conferencing and more. Microsoft Teams Phone can also be easily integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, providing secure access to data from any location. Microsoft Teams Phone helps businesses ensure that their communications are safe, secure and meet all security regulations.

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Collaboration tool for a hybrid world

Microsoft Teams Phone offers a number of features that can enhance remote teamwork by enabling collaboration and communication among team members. Some of the key features are:

📱 Voice and video calls: with Microsoft Teams Phone, users can make voice and video calls to their team members anywhere, enabling real-time communication and collaboration. Users can also switch between devices, such as from their computer to their cell phone, during a call without disrupting the conversation.

👨 💻 Virtual Meetings: With Teams Phone, users can schedule and host virtual meetings with their team members, enabling face-to-face communication and collaboration. Users can also share their screens, files and presentations during the meeting.

🛠️Hulpprogrammas for collaboration: Microsoft Teams Phone includes a range of collaboration tools, such as chat, file sharing and whiteboard, that allow team members to work on projects and tasks in real time.

🖇️ Integration with other Microsoft products: Teams Phone integrates with other Microsoft products such as Outlook and SharePoint, allowing users to access their emails, files and documents without leaving the Teams platform.

📼Call recording and transcription: Teams Phone includes call recording and transcription features that allow users to record and transcribe their calls for future use.

🕹️ Customization: with Teams Phone, users can customize their experience with a range of third-party integrations and add-ons, such as bots, apps and workflows, that can improve productivity and collaboration.

Phone requirements, options and licenses for Teams

Microsoft Teams Phone requires a Microsoft 365 Business subscription or Microsoft Exchange Online subscription to use the service. Microsoft Teams Phone also requires each user to have an assigned Microsoft 365 account or Exchange Online mailbox in order to place and receive calls. Microsoft Teams Phone is compatible with most desk phones, cell phones, tablets, computers and other devices, making it easy to stay connected no matter where you are. Learn more about the subscription and subscription for Microsoft Teams Phone here.

Different options for hosting Teams phone

Microsoft Teams Phone makes connecting with people easier and more efficient than ever before and offers a range of features that promote collaboration and effective communication. Microsoft Teams Phone offers two options for hosting the phone system: carrier-hosted or Microsoft-hosted. Carrier-hosted is a traditional PBX(Private Branch eXchange) service, while Microsoft-hosted is a cloud-based solution. Microsoft Teams Phone can be used both ways, allowing users to choose which best suits their organization’s needs.

👨 💼 Career-hosted solution: Microsoft Teams Phone carrier-hosted solution offers a number of features and benefits, such as scalability, portability, quality assurance and cost efficiency. Carrier-hosted solutions are reliable, secure and comply with many security regulations.

🏢 Microsoft hosted solutions: this is ideal for companies that want a reliable phone system with minimal upfront investment and maximum scalability. Microsoft-hosted solutions offer features such as call routing, voicemail-to-text transcription, video conferencing, contact center capabilities and more.

Microsoft Teams phone licenses

Microsoft Teams Phone offers a variety of licensing plans to meet the needs of any organization. Teams Phone can be used with Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft Enterprise E3/E5, Microsoft Exchange Online or Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. Teams Phone also offers an Essential subscription with basic features such as call routing, voicemail-to-text transcription, conference calls and more. Microsoft Teams Phone offers users the flexibility to choose a subscription plan that best suits their organization’s needs. Find out how ProServeIT can help you with your Microsoft Teams experience here.

Next Step: Teams Telephone Implementation

Purchasing Microsoft Teams Phone is just the first step in setting up your cloud phone system. Microsoft also provides a number of other resources and services to help you get started quickly and easily. As a Partner with Microsoft, ALTA-ICT can provide assistance with implementation, configuration, troubleshooting and more. Find out if Microsoft Teams Phone is the right solution for your organization with ALTA-ICT.

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