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July 20, 2023

Major update on the way for your Microsoft Teams video calls

Participating in a Microsoft Teams conversation may soon become a much more pleasant experience thanks to several upcoming updates.

The video conferencing platform is working on several new modifications to improve the quality and usefulness of camera services for users everywhere.

The new updates include intelligent camera support for Teams Rooms on Windows, as well as support for additional video streams via the Teams Content Camera on Desktop feature.

First update: IntelliFrame

The first update involves IntelliFrame, a service that enables a number of camera features, including multi-stream video, face recognition of participants in the room, active speaker recognition, speech-based transcription with attribution, and panoramic video on cameras at the front of the room (180-degree view) and in the middle of the room (360-degree view).

Microsoft, which first announced the technology in October 2022, says the technology will take Teams Rooms cameras on Windows “to a higher level of intelligence,” according to the official Microsoft 365 roadmap.

The update is currently in development, with an expected rollout date of August 2023. When completed, it will be available on Teams and Microsoft Surface devices, as well as for Windows desktop users – although you will need a Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro license.

Second stream

The second major update allows users to enable a second video stream to support both their Personal Video and Teams Content Camera on Desktop feature.

Content Camera streams allow users to focus on a particular participant in the conversation, but can also be used to focus on a display such as a whiteboard, providing central and clear illumination of a presentation or other useful points.

Users who enable the Teams Content Camera on Desktop feature can also maintain a second stream of their Personal Video, as long as a separate Camera is selected to support the two video streams.

The feature is rolling out now and is available to all Windows and Mac desktop users.

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