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August 10, 2023

Is Microsoft Teams Telephony the Right Choice for Your Business?

In an era when remote working and virtual collaboration are no longer options but necessities, it is essential for companies to have the right communication tools. One such tool for organizations is Microsoft Teams Phone.

This guide provides insight into Microsoft’s phone solution and helps determine if it fits your company’s needs.

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?
Microsoft Teams Phone is a cloud-based phone system designed to help businesses communicate via voice and audio calls, chats and meetings in one application. It can be used on a variety of devices, including desk phones, cell phones, tablets and computers.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams Phone
Microsoft Teams Phone offers several features to enhance business communications:

  • Automatic Receptionist: Allows external parties to reach your company and select the right person.
  • Call queues: Ensures that calls are routed to the appropriate team member.
  • PSTN Calls: Allows your business to be reached via landlines.
  • Transcription: Teams Telephony saves calls so you don’t miss important details.
  • Call Merge: Easily invite others into your calls and meetings.

How is Microsoft Teams Phone Available?
Microsoft Teams Phone is available in two subscriptions: Microsoft Teams Phone Standard and Microsoft 365 E5. Teams Phone Standard provides all the basic functions for effective communication. Microsoft 365 E5 is a comprehensive productivity suite with Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced security tools.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone

  • Simplifies communication technology.
  • Redundant phone hardware is unnecessary.
  • Reduces maintenance costs thanks to cloud technology.
  • Improves customer service with features such as automated receptionists and call queues.

Choose ALTA-ICT Specialists
Microsoft Teams Phone is a powerful communication tool for businesses worldwide. ALTA-ICT’s Microsoft professionals can support your business with the expertise needed to safely transition to Microsoft’s phone solution. Contact alta-ict today for expert help choosing the right subscription, setting up your system and training your staff.

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