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July 03, 2023

How Microsoft Teams Phone Can Transform Your Workplace Communication

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, effective communication is a matter of adaptation, especially with 87% of employees saying they want to work primarily remotely by 2023. Traditional methods of communication no longer suffice. That’s why we’re introducing Microsoft Teams Phone, a groundbreaking communications system that integrates the Teams app into a traditional office phone to transform workplace communications.

Optimal Use of Microsoft Teams

Many companies use Microsoft Teams on a daily basis to simplify collaboration. But are you utilizing the full range of options this software offers? This article dives deeper into the features and benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone. With this knowledge, your company can significantly increase productivity to heights you never thought possible. Your meetings and calls will never be the same again!

What is Teams Phone?

Teams Phone is a communications solution from Microsoft, consisting of a software application and hardware devices that work seamlessly together. Teams Phone allows users to make calls over the Internet on a variety of devices, from desktop computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets. These devices integrate seamlessly with your entire Microsoft Teams environment.

Teams Phone vs Traditional Office Phones

Unlike traditional office phones, which usually serve a single purpose, Microsoft Teams Phone devices offer interactive displays that allow you to use the full Microsoft 365 suite. This solution from Microsoft also enables online calls via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), giving you the best of both worlds.

Features of Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone offers a wide range of features that make your communication more flexible and customizable. From basic calls to more advanced features such as an automated attendant to be your menu system, queues to direct people to the right person within your organization, or the ability to link external phone lines to the Teams platform.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone allows businesses to combine calling, chatting and conferencing on a single platform. Using this solution, employees can work with devices connected to Microsoft 365 applications, such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Conclusion: We Can Help You Optimize Your Software Use

Perhaps you are excited about integrating Microsoft Teams Phone into your work, but need more confidence in the process involved. Don’t worry about navigating the complexities of implementing new technology, we at ALTA-ICT specialize in IT procurement and implementation. Contact us today to implement this modern office phone solution for your business.

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