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Update: Disabling previews of chat notifications in Microsoft Teams.


In July, we first learned that Microsoft is working on a new privacy feature that will allow users to turn off message samples in toast notifications in Microsoft Teams. Now, through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, the company has announced that the change will start in early October.

This new functionality gives users more privacy control by changing their settings to disable previews of chat notifications during Teams meetings. When the feature rolls out, users can access the new “Show Message Preview” setting under the Notifications section. Please note that it is an optional feature and users’ settings are respected in all notifications on Teams clients.

In addition, Microsoft Teams users will be able to configure native OS notifications on Windows and macOS next month. According to a new post in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, the company has postponed the release date for the new notification experience from late September to mid-October 2020. Microsoft quietly updated the Microsoft 365 Roadmap item earlier this month to update the timeline.

Source: Onmsft

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