Facebook Messenger dives into users’ pockets with new payment feature

Starting this week, Meta’s Messenger users in the US will be able to try Split Payments, a “free and fast way to share the cost of bills and expenses.”

Before the existence of bill-splitting apps, dividing the cost of payments and expenses was a tedious process. With the existence of a handful of independent apps, calculating and sometimes even communicating within the same platform is a breeze. Facebook Messenger recognized the convenience for users of such services and decided to come up with its own ‘Split Payments’ feature.

However, the new feature is currently only available to users in the US, with no specific plans to launch elsewhere. Essentially, the feature helps users split a bill or expense among themselves right within the Facebook Messenger app.

Currently in beta testing and available this week to a limited audience only, Facebook has said the feature will help a group of friends or family members split the cost of a meal or other bills in a quick way.

“If you’re struggling with dividing (and repaying) group dinners, shared household expenses, or even the monthly rent, things get easier. Next week, we will begin testing split payments for Messenger fans in the US, a free and fast way to share the cost of bills and expenses,” the blog post reads.

How does split payments through Facebook Messenger work?

Through a group chat or the Payments Hub, users simply need to click the ‘Get Started’ button in a group chat or the Payments Hub in Messenger. From there, you can split a bill evenly or change the contribution amount for each individual — with or without yourself. After entering a personal message and confirming your Facebook Pay details, your request will be sent and can be viewed in your group chat thread.

Messenger has dug deeper into our pockets

It was in November 2019 when Facebook Pay was first launched. It was a way to set up a payment system that spans across the company’s apps, not just for in-person payments, but also for other things like donations and e-commerce. It is also made for a consistent payment experience across Meta (Facebook), Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Just a few months ago, Messenger added Venmo-esque QR codes for person-to-person payments. The QR codes are also only available in the US and allow anyone to send or request money through Facebook Pay, even if they are not Facebook friends. The feature can also be accessed from the “Facebook Pay” section in Messenger’s settings.

source: techhq

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Published on
Dec 8, 2021

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De oplossingen van Microsoft zijn al decennia lang toonaangevend als het gaat om productiviteit, presentatie en e-mail. Voor Office 365 zijn deze bekende producten doorontwikkeld om uw organisatie sneller en efficiënter te laten werken. 

Microsoft biedt u naast de oplossingen uit de Microsoft 365 suite de cloudversies van Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online en Microsoft Teams. Deze diensten werken naadloos samen en zorgen voor maximaal gebruiksgemak op zowel pc’s, tablets, smartphones en browsers.

We leveren de nodige expertise om over deze diensten te kunnen beschikken en daarnaast de bedrijfsprocessen door middel van software te optimaliseren.