Microsoft Teams Christmas background

Add some Christmas spirit to your virtual parties with new themes for Microsoft Teams.


Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft is introducing holiday-themed features for Microsoft Teams. You can now use a new holiday-themed together mode experience to make it look like your entire meeting is in a winter wonderland, as well as several custom holiday-themed backgrounds. In addition to the holiday-themed features, Microsoft has announced that support for brainstorming rooms will be rolled out this week.

Together mode lets everyone inside a meeting look like they’re in the same virtual space. For example, you can place your meeting in a virtual lecture hall. Teams cut people’s backgrounds away and place everyone in the Together Mode scene. In addition to the new winter wonderland scene, Teams also has a new coffee shop, meeting room and classroom scenes. You can even hold your meeting within the United Nations Space Command if you’re a halo fan.

To use Together mode, you need to have a conversation with five or more people. To enable Together mode, all you need to do is click the “…” icon. in Click teams and select Together mode.

If you’re having a more traditional video call and just want to change your background, you can download this Christmas wallpaper from Microsoft and use it within Teams. If you need help setting up custom backgrounds, be sure to check out our complete guide to step-by-step guides.

Team brainstorming rooms are a long-awaited feature that lets you bump groups of people into separate submeetings. Meeting organizers can then jump between brainstorming rooms, announce things in each brainstorming room at once, and call everyone back to the main meeting immediately.

If you have a virtual holiday party or come together, brainstorming rooms can come in handy. For example, you can get an entire business to start a meeting to start a party, and then let teams break out in their own small meetings. You can then call everyone back to the main meeting to finish the business.

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