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August 19, 2023

SharePoint support for user labels

The latest update introduces previewed enhanced support for labels configured for user-defined permissions. Let’s look at the crucial changes and what this means for using Office in conjunction with SharePoint and OneDrive.

1. Important Changes and Support

There is now limited support for such labels, meaning that documents labeled with these permissions and uploaded to SharePoint or OneDrive can now be better processed:

  • Documents can now be opened and edited in Office for the Web.
  • The label is displayed in the sensitivity column.
  • The encrypted file appears in the search results when searched by the label ID.

2. Limitations in Office for the Web

Although these labels are now visible in Office for the Web, there is a current limitation:

  • Users cannot currently apply these labels in Office for the Web.
  • If such a label is selected, users will receive a notification instructing them to apply the label using a desktop app.

Moreover, the contents of these tagged documents cannot currently be checked for search functions, data loss prevention or eDiscovery.

3. Support for AutoSave and Collaboration.

If you want to use AutoSave and co-authoring for these encrypted files with a desktop app, there are specific requirements:

  • For Windows: At least version 16.0.16327 of Current Channel (Preview) or at least version 16.0.16414 of the Beta Channel.
  • For macOS: At least version 16.51 of Current Channel (Preview) or of the Beta Channel.


If you use older versions and co-authoring is enabled for your tenant, AutoSave and co-authoring are temporarily disabled for documents after users apply a sensitivity label configured with user-defined permissions, or when they change permissions. However, after closing the document and waiting 10 minutes, these functions are available again.


The latest updates certainly offer benefits and improvements, but it is essential to consider current limitations. By continuously working on updates and versions, Microsoft is making strides toward an even more user-friendly system.

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