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February 13, 2024

I see, I see what you don’t: resources and governance in Microsoft 365

What you cannot see, you cannot control. Resource visibility is the next step in a successful rollout of your governance. Lack of visibility detracts from the direction and structure in your digital organization. And this trap soon arises. You often can’t do it perfectly all at once either, but starting off well is certainly possible!

And the color is…

Our previous blog covered why governance is essential for your organization in this day and age. We ended with the note that visibility in resources is a requirement in this regard. But what do you actually “see”? And so why is that so important?

The source of your business

Thanks to resources, your organization runs. People, files, software and Microsoft Teams groups are all things you want to see at a glance. Based on the information surrounding these resources, you then make choices. What do you get out of that visibility?

  1. Inventory: what do you actually have?

Actually, this starts very simply. What users are active in your area? What software is used and what structure is there in completing tasks? You can see this kind of information (plus massive amounts of detail and analysis), through the full breadth of Microsoft 365. Only when you know which pawns are on the board can you deploy them tactically.

  1. Understanding a safe environment

What are currently critical vulnerabilities, and are there components that are not aligned properly? By having an overview of this at all times, you are able to respond appropriately. And even anticipate it. This understanding is necessary to have control over security. Of the whole environment as well as individual elements.

  1. Additional efficiency

Because Microsoft 365 is not the most intuitive way to pull all the information together, an IT department is often busy with time-consuming tasks and tickets. This is no longer necessary if your information is in order. Shaping this process efficiently allows IT to focus on what does matter. Consider stronger collaboration through the cloud or increased usability for users.

The overarching goal is to allow users to collaborate flexibly, implement beautiful products as well as increase productivity with Microsoft features. All in a safe manner.

Does Microsoft have tools for this?

Microsoft itself has tools (combined with PowerShell scripts) to create more visibility and automate administrative tasks. But this process is time-consuming and error-prone. That’s why you’d rather not take this route.

Governance in your migration process

With ALTA-ICT’s implementation of a governance platform, you avoid these obstacles. We easily roll out this platform across your tenants. Even if it has many end users. And with that, in addition to full visibility into that tenant, you also have the ability to properly execute your governance strategy.

Seeing is believing

Of course, rolling out governance in Microsoft 365 sounds very exciting and like a huge step. ALTA-ICT addresses those concerns in an exploratory conversation. Then we will look with you at what your environment is like now. And then we can advise you on how to prepare your organization for governance in 2024. Please feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting.

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