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January 09, 2024

Go Governance or Go Home

Why governance now?

Fortunately, however, it is possible to find a middle ground and build on governance in your organization from there. Why is it important? Above all, why now?

  • You keep control of the IT systems and devices in your corporate network.
  • With well-tuned policies you stimulate efficiency and cost savings, but you also support your organization’s business goals.
  • Reducing security risks becomes mandatory in 2024. You must comply with this law AND it immediately strengthens your defensive capabilities against cyber threats.

The overarching goal is to allow users to collaborate flexibly, implement beautiful products as well as increase productivity with Microsoft features. All in a safe manner.

Take control

Seizing that control in your Microsoft 365 cloud environment? This does not happen overnight. Through the tool of an official ALTA-ICT partner, you grab that control. But what are its essential components?

  • Lifecycle management
  • Efficiency of tenants
  • Automating policies
  • Collaborative governance

Manage the life cycle

Collaboration in the cloud can get messy. Firmly managing the entire data lifecycle puts you in control – from start to finish. In creating, accessing and clearing.


In a Microsoft Tenant, organizations have access to a variety of cloud-based services, such as Office 365 and Azure. This environment (which you rent) is specifically designed to simplify management of users, devices and services. You want to take good care of your tenant, just like you take good care of a rental property.

Discover inactive groups, sites and teams once used. With predetermined policies, you determine what happens to this data. Does certain data remain available longer, is something archived or is deletion the desired action? This keeps your tenant organized and manageable.

Basis for policy

You increase the quality of your modern, digital workplace by automating management and maintenance by policies. You apply those to all workspaces, regardless of how they function.


Lack of visibility is the trap

Inefficiency results from governance without direction and structure. That trap soon arises. Why? Because organizations often don’t have visibility into their resources or half-baked their resources.

You want to empower employees to solve for themselves as much as possible. By doing so, you also minimize support tickets to the IT department. But that can only be done when all resources are readily visible. And how do you manage that? You’ll read about that in the next part of this blog series!

Free conversation

Meanwhile, do you want to know more about the tool for optimal governance? ALTA-ICT is happy to talk to you, without any obligation of course! Then we look at what you have running in your organization and what you actually need.

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