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July 11, 2023

ALTA-ICT: get the most out of Microsoft 365 in 3 steps

Welcome to the ALTA-verse. With ALTA-ICT, you step into our dynamic world where together we unleash the power of Microsoft 365. This is how we take your business processes in hand and boost efficiency. With our mix of Microsoft expertise, migration skills and a service desk, ALTA-ICT easily brings you to the cloud. We discover the potential of Microsoft 365 for your business together. In this blog, we explain how to get the most out of a migration to Microsoft 365 in 3 steps.

Control over your processes

It’s understandable that as a director of an organization you don’t always have a clear understanding of whether business processes are running smoothly. AND whether they can’t do better. That you struggle with that makes sense. It is time you would rather spend running your business. That’s why we help analyze your current tools and processes. A customized solution follows. Whether it’s data recovery, meeting ISO security standards or optimal integration with Teams: you can count on us.

Working incrementally

1. Set up intelligently – See the potential

We begin the adventure by engaging with you. Understanding your organization, its culture and your needs are the starting point. We first map out your IT environment. In terms of user accounts, configurations, storage locations and software licenses. Should new accounts be created or old ones synchronized? And how is the authentication of this going to run? Together with you, we look at which functionalities are valuable for your business activities and create a migration plan.

2. Implement optimally – Enter the world of Microsoft 365

To optimally implement the created plan, we work in Autotask. This is where timesheets, project progress and billing come together for time and budget monitoring. Thus, we strive for a transparent and flawless migration to Microsoft 365, where not a single piece of data is lost. Old and unused applications are removed, as this saves time and costs for migration. All necessary components are installed, configured and security settings are applied.

3. Employee facilitation – Give your team tools.

Now the foundation, security and company-specific plug-ins and software are ready. Only some employees need guidance to use the new environment effectively. At ALTA-ICT, it’s all about making your business run. That’s why our Microsoft-certified trainers are ready to get your team ready with useful, interactive training. Then work can resume in no time.

Security for medium-sized businesses

ALTA-ICT focuses primarily on companies with 25 employees or more. This makes a migration plan easily scalable and easier to execute. To best serve these organizations in terms of security, we have a security partner as a feat. Which facilitates such things as governance and compliance, as well as security for email, backups and data recovery. So we help medium-sized companies with a customized solution, and we can provide organization-wide security. That, too, is ALTA-ICT.

ALTA-ICT for you

So at ALTA-ICT, we offer you three essential steps to put your business in its power. Microsoft 365 gets the most out of your IT environment and processes. Combine that with a secure infrastructure and well-trained staff. This is how you lay the foundation for a smooth and dynamically functioning organization. With increased productivity, powerful threat protection and greater working comfort.

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