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September 23, 2023

Differences Between Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise and Copilot in Windows

In the dynamic landscape of AI assistants, Microsoft offers businesses three advanced options: Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise and Copilot in Windows. Although at first glance these three seem similar, there are some crucial differences that we will discover. This blog post dives deeper into the unique characteristics and capabilities of each of these assistants to paint a clear picture of what they can do for your business and how they contribute to efficiency and security within the organization. Whether you’re looking for advanced features, optimal security, or seamless integration, one of these Microsoft AI assistants will meet your needs. Read on and find out which assistant is the best match for your organization.

Copilot in Windows:

Copilot in Windows is a powerful tool that helps complete tasks quickly. Accessible from the taskbar or with Win+C, it provides support alongside every app you use. With a new icon, a new user experience and Bing Chat, it will be available to business customers for free starting Sept. 26.

Bing Chat Enterprise:

Bing Chat Enterprise is a secure and private chat service powered by Microsoft Copilot technology. It safeguards corporate data within the organization. Bing Chat Enterprise does not store or use chat data to train large language models. Available as a standalone service for $5 per user per month, or as part of Microsoft 365 E3 and E5.

Microsoft 365 Copilot:

Microsoft 365 Copilot, based on Bing Chat Enterprise, is an AI assistant that enables more intelligent working. It provides advanced features with enterprise-level security, privacy and compliance. It searches all your data sources and is integrated with various Microsoft 365 Apps. Available to enterprise customers at $30 per user per month starting Nov. 1.


These three AI assistants from Microsoft offer unique features and capabilities, addressing different needs and requirements of business customers. They all ensure security and privacy of user data, but vary in availability, pricing and integration with other Microsoft products.

Governance and Microsoft 365: ALTA-ICT’s approach

Microsoft Copilot, with its AI capabilities, is a game-changer in boosting productivity. This ingenious assistant stands beside the user, guiding and encouraging; to both unleash creativity and boost performance. In the world of Microsoft 365, Copilot primarily serves two purposes: act as a trusted navigator providing steering assistance, and provide a unified user experience across various applications. Those who want to dive deeper into Copilot’s capabilities can turn to GitHub, where it does wonders for coding productivity. In essence, Microsoft Copilot is your ally in the pursuit of optimal efficiency.

When it comes to fine-tuning your Microsoft 365 implementation, ALTA-ICT is your go-to expert. Our governance tool bundles all your Microsoft 365 service data centrally, while also providing policy and lifecycle management automation. This translates to strengthened governance and sharper data insights. The team at ALTA-ICT is ready to make sure you are well-equipped with the right governance framework before delving into Copilot. Let’s work together: contact us today for an orientation call!

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