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September 28, 2023

End-to-End Encryption comes to Teams Rooms on Android

Exciting times have arrived for users of Teams Rooms on Android, as some new features are on the horizon. This is according to the latest updates on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. These upcoming updates are aimed at increasing security and improving the user experience, which will make communication through Teams smoother and more secure. With features such as end-to-end encryption and automatic updates, Microsoft is taking a step forward in providing advanced solutions for both individual users and organizations. Users can look forward to a more streamlined and protected experience, while taking advantage of the latest technological innovations Microsoft has to offer.

Teams Rooms on Android

First, Teams Rooms on Android devices will have all the Team Premium meeting security features, provided the organizer has enabled them. This includes features such as end-to-end encryption and sensitivity tags that will significantly improve the security of Teams meetings on any device. End-to-end encryption is especially useful because it prevents Microsoft from accessing your Teams conversations.


This feature will be available for Android and Surface devices, and its rollout is scheduled for December 2023.

But that’s not all. Teams users on Android devices will also receive automatic updates starting next month, in October, when this feature rolls out. According to Microsoft, there is no need to manually update your Teams, as administrators can now manage automatic updates to Android devices. This is an excellent feature, especially for those who have a work phone and use Microsoft Teams to communicate.

Android-based Teams devices receive automatic updates from the Teams app without the need for manual intervention. Administrators can manage automatic updates by organizing devices into update phases or temporarily pausing the rollout as needed, from the Teams Admin Center.

With these updates, Microsoft is making it easier for Teams users on Android devices to communicate, stay protected and be updated with the latest features. This may also be a Microsoft initiative to increase the security of Microsoft Teams on all devices. Given the vulnerability of Microsoft Teams lately, the Redmond-based tech company is certainly taking steps to strengthen its protection and counter phishing and malware.

Teams Room at ALTA-ICT

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