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October 02, 2023

Microsoft Purview: Your Solution for Data Protection and Compliance

Data is one of the most valuable assets in the modern world. Important business decisions and strategies are all built around data – which means it must be kept secure. Microsoft offers a solution for this – Microsoft Purview.

Purview is a comprehensive data management and protection platform that helps organizations protect their data and comply with important data regulations.

In this article, we introduce Microsoft Purview, dive into the products that make up the Purview family, and look at some of the ways Purview can protect your business.

The Microsoft Purview Platform

Microsoft Purview is a product suite that helps your business manage, secure, and control your data. By using the products together, you can both secure your data and meet compliance regulations.


Auditing is critical to any organization’s ability to ensure the protection and compliance of their data.

Purview’s auditing tool is a powerful solution that allows you to audit across your entire organization, ensuring that access to sensitive files and configuration changes are monitored.

Communications Compliance

As with your internal data, it is crucial that your organization’s communications remain secure to meet data compliance regulations and protect your business. However, with modern digital communication technologies, this is a complex challenge.

Data Lifecycle Management

Ensuring that data is properly stored or disposed of within your organization is an important part of good data management.

Data Loss Prevention

Data breaches can be disastrous for any organization, which means having an effective data loss prevention plan in place within your organization is vital.

Data Map and Data Catalog

Visualizing your data is a great way to understand it, which is essential for dealing with it.


Discovery is an important legal process in which finding and disclosing data is essential to ensure that all information is clear.

Information Security

Securing your most sensitive data from unauthorized access is one of the most important aspects of data security.

Insider Risk Management

There is a chance that your organization faces an inside risk.

How Microsoft Purview Can Protect Your Business

Microsoft Purview is packed with tools that can protect your data.

How We Can Help

Data is a valuable resource for any organization, and Microsoft Purview helps you protect your data with ease.

If you want to get started with Purview, contact us today. Our experts can help you get started and will support you in protecting your data at the organizational level.

Contact us today and let us help you keep your data safe!

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