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September 26, 2023

Microsoft Defender for the Cloud: Increased Multi-Cloud Data Protection

At a time when data protection is increasingly central, Microsoft is coming out with innovative updates to their Defender for the Cloud solution. With new features aimed at increasing the security of multi-cloud data, Microsoft takes an important step in strengthening its security platform. These recent developments promise organizations not only enhanced enterprise data protection, but also a streamlined experience in managing security risks and discovering sensitive information within diverse cloud environments. Read on to discover more about the new features and how they contribute to a more secure and efficient cloud experience.

New Security Dashboard:

First up, Microsoft has launched a new data security dashboard in public preview for its Defender for the Cloud solution. Previously, IT administrators had to make manual efforts to understand their security risks and threats. The new experience is designed to help customers detect security threats and prevent security breaches. The dashboard also provides a unified hub to monitor the entire multi-cloud data environment, both managed and hosted, and makes it easier for administrators to understand protection coverage and identify gaps in data sources.

Sensitive Data Discovery:

In addition, Microsoft has released updates to enhance existing data-driven security capabilities in Microsoft Defender CSPM. Support has been added for discovering sensitive data in Azure and AWS databases. This feature is designed to make it easier for customers to discover critical databases containing sensitive information. According to Microsoft, IT administrators will be able to access discovery results and view databases within the Cloud Security Explorer within 24 hours.


These enhancements to Microsoft Defender for the Cloud enable organizations to take a more consistent approach to reducing the risk of exposure of sensitive data across their Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud data environments. For more details on these sensitive data discovery capabilities, please see this support page.

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