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January 31, 2023

Microsoft unveils new Teams Rooms design for Windows

Microsoft this week launched a “
vibrant new look
” for its Microsoft Teams Rooms that offer a refresh of both the layout, typography and design of the Teams Rooms on Windows consoles and front-of-room displays. The new updates are available to Teams users in the Windows Teams application release 4.16 and on Android.

Microsoft has updated the buttons on the console to give users quick access to the most commonly used features, including the ability to start a new meeting from within the room and call to a phone number or add contacts from your directory, share local HDMI content and the ability to enable Teams Room to join a Teams meeting using the meeting ID, with Direct Guest Join interoperability functionality being rolled out by Microsoft later this year.

Source: Microsoft

Teams Rooms Simplified error states
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams Rooms

To make Teams Rooms even more user-friendly, we align key user interface elements with the Windows and Android ecosystems. Users will notice for the first time the vibrant new environment screens and a revamped calendar on consoles and front-of-room displays. They will also enjoy enhanced visual cues during the experience that make it easier and more intuitive to interact with the console. On the calendar, users can scroll down on the calendar to see the schedule for the entire day.”

Source: Microsoft

“For enhanced customization, your organization will have a wider range of environment screens to choose from than before, with five exciting new themes added to the eight currently available. With the new look and feel, end users will enjoy more control over the front row display during a meeting with an updated view switcher menu interface. In addition, users can customize the front row view, including the visibility of the meeting chat, and choose which meeting item is displayed in the left and right pane. IT administrators can configure the default number of panels and default components on panel(s). “

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