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Half the world is meeting via Microsoft Teams. We can also have live meetings again, but that takes a lot of extra time. Microsoft Teams Rooms is the step between “live” and online.

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What is Microsoft Teams Rooms

Teams Rooms
is the professional sister of Teams. As we spend more and more time in the office, we can save time by meeting online, but in real-life quality.

ALTA-ICT offers the most professional solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Meeting or other rooms are equipped by us with state-of-the-art screens, cameras and microphones. In doing so, we provide an easy, but technically sophisticated control panel for any conference table. At the touch of a button, you make a bizarrely sharp, perfectly intelligible connection with colleagues or customers. Alone or with a table full. From the Netherlands with the rest of the world. Crystal clear and safe. Like sitting at the same table with each other. That talks more nicely.

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Ready for the future with Microsoft Teams Rooms

For all your team

Connect with each other wherever your team is in meetings.

Ease of use

Connect with each other wherever your team is in meetings.


Connect with each other wherever your team is in meetings.


Connect with each other wherever your team is in meetings.

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    Microsoft Teams Rooms is suitable for

    Microsoft Teams Rooms small meeting

    Small meeting rooms

    Microsoft Teams Rooms is great for small meeting rooms. We have excellent all-in-one solutions for Huddle rooms and small meeting rooms.

    Microsoft Teams Rooms medium meeting

    Medium-sized meeting rooms

    For full coverage of medium-sized meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams Rooms, we have solutions that will ensure that all attendees are well pictured and easily understood.

    Microsoft Teams Rooms large meeting

    Large meeting rooms

    Larger meeting rooms sound tricky to set up. But the team at ALTA-ICT has the right solution for these large meeting rooms. We tune the entire system exactly to the number of people.

    Microsoft Teams Rooms

    Microsoft Teams Rooms brings together Microsoft Teams’ digital workspace with dedicated audio and video devices from first or third-party providers certified by Microsoft.

    Teams Rooms are purposefully built to help remove the barriers between spaces, places and people and bring the best Teams meeting experience to any space.

    Teams Rooms is carefully designed and offers meeting experiences with all participants in mind, not just those in the room.

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    Alta – Teams Rooms specialist at ALTA-ICT