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September 04, 2021

Why do your employees need Microsoft Teams training?

Today it is hard to imagine an organization operating without effective communication. Providing a team with an effective collaboration tool should be a priority to create an environment where employees can communicate successfully with each other.

Today we’ll walk you through the key features of the platform and explain how you can use them to make it easy for your team members to communicate with each other.

Microsoft Teams chat

It is important to know that Microsoft Teams comes with a chat. It’s worth noting that the advantage of using chat is that you and your team members can communicate quickly without the need for an email or a phone call.

Microsoft Teams chat allows you to organize private chats between team members and allows users to bring new people into an existing chat.

While communicating with chat members via messages, you can also incorporate emotions into conversations. So other team members can see your feelings.

Assemble a team of external collaborators

Another important thing that Microsoft Teams does well is that it helps facilitate companies that enable remote working.

It is possible to create and manage channels for external team workers within Microsoft Teams. In fact, a Microsoft Teams channel can be created for certain business tasks.

The platform comes with the Office 365 software suite files so it also makes file sharing quick and easy. Once on the platform, you will find it easy to share the files, open files, make changes to files, save files and do many other things so that every member of your remote team can access your files on the platform.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

If your organization tends to have regular team meetings, the Meetings option allows team members to collaborate and discuss questions in a more visual group environment, where you can share your screen with other members.

To get started, you need to set up a meeting. Once a new meeting is created, you can invite people to join the event by selecting a time and date from a calendar to book your meetings. This saves a specific date and time for all team members where they will be notified when a meeting will be held.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Teams meetings have a share button, which allows the presenter to share their monitor with all members of that meeting. Here all team members see what’s on your screen, making it easy to understand what you’re talking about or presenting.

To learn more about how Microsoft Teams training can greatly contribute to the success of your business, contact us today. At ALTA-ICT, we are always ready to provide your employees with effective training solutions to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams. For more information contact us now Microsoft 365 Online Training view page.

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