Microsoft 365 Online Course

Are you using Microsoft 365 but your knowledge is not yet optimal? Then it might be a good idea to take a Microsoft 365 training course. With a training you stay informed of the latest developments and you also learn new skills. Within the training you only receive information about relevant topics so that you do not store unnecessary information. You obtain participation in Microsoft Certificates when you pass certain components.

What’s in the training?

1. Getting to know Microsoft 365.

You will learn what exactly Microsoft 365 is and what it means to work in the cloud. In addition, you will receive information about the different licenses, be explained how to log in to Office and the portal, learn how to switch between the online apps, and be explained about Microsoft 365 on mobile devices.

2. The online apps

You will receive an explanation of Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint and learn how to access these online apps. Also, the advantages and disadvantages compared to the desktop applications are discussed and you learn how to switch between the online apps and the desktop applications.

3. Microsoft 365 profile Delve

Within Microsoft 365, you have your own profile called Delve. Here you will learn how to manage these, where to find the documents and how to look up your colleagues. In addition, you will also learn how to add training, projects and expertise and what the added value of this is.

What are the advantages?


Fewer questions for system administrators

Because employees are more knowledgeable about the Microsoft 365 environment they work in. Are they able to answer more problems and questions themselves? This saves a lot of simple questions and work for the system administration.

Work more efficiently and faster

In our online training, you will learn to make maximum use of the Microsoft 365 apps. This allows you to work many times faster and more efficiently.

More fun at work

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to know what you want to do, but not knowing how to apply it in the software. Through our online training, you’ll learn all the tools you need to flesh out ideas in the various Microsoft 365 tools!

Learn to work more efficiently in


You will receive an explanation about OneDrive and learn how to store documents in the cloud. You will also learn how to upload documents and how to create new folders and documents. You will also learn to navigate in OneDrive, how version management works, how to share documents and folders from OneDrive and Outlook, how to quickly find documents, synchronize on your PC and how to work on documents simultaneously.


SharePoint is a collaboration platform and during the training you will receive information about what SharePoint Online is, how to navigate within it and what the informative pages are. You will also learn how to work with document libraries and lists, what collaboration options there are and how to quickly find colleagues, information and documents.


You get information about what Teams is exactly and what the differences are with SharePoint. You will also learn how to contact your colleagues, how to collaborate, what the meeting options are and how to use other applications within Teams.


You will learn how to contact colleagues but also external contacts. You will also learn how to manage your contacts, how to chat, call and video call and what the meeting tools are.


You will get an explanation of what OneNote is and how you can use it. You also learn to structure, add content to the notebook, what the collaboration options are and how you can link other programs.


You will receive an explanation of how to make intakes, quizzes, polls, etc. and you will learn about the different question formats, how you can use them and how to apply a standard. You will also learn how to distribute forms and how to view results and perform analyses.


Learn how to create storylines, presentations, newsletters and more using a template. You will also receive an explanation about how you can create a new presentation based on a Word document, how you can use new designs, how you can share the presentations and how you can view the presentation statistics.


Learn how to create a new plan, how to create and distribute tasks, how to manage a project plan and how to track the progress of a project.


Learn how to upload and manage videos, how to publish them through different channels and how to view the statistics of your videos.