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November 28, 2021

This month on social media (November 2021)

November brought us some new features for Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube. Facebook is testing changes to their algorithm that give brands a certain level of preference with where they want their ads to appear, Twitter has rolled out ‘Spaces’ to all users, and Instagram is finally letting us remove some images from Carousels (it’s about time). Find out in our round-up below what other new features have hit the social media world this month and how they can benefit your business…

New Features Added to LinkedIn Company Pages

In early November, LinkedIn added new Company Page features to help companies attract new talent by allowing them to share more information about their company and culture.

Firstly, the social platform is adding a new ‘Primary Workplace’ option to be displayed on company profiles. This is intended to enable companies to list whether their employees are working remotely, hybrid or in the office, with an increasing number of employers now offering non-office positions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies can now also add their policies on vaccines, wage adjustments and much more.

Second, LinkedIn has improved the “My Company” tab. New features make it easy for brands to curate content from their page feed to add to the My Business tab at the click of a button. Employees will then be notified when new content has been added, making re-sharing easier and more likely to reinforce corporate messaging.

And finally, a customizable competitor analysis has been added to the Analytics tab. Here, companies can add up to nine competitors to compare and benchmark the performance of their LinkedIn Page. While the stats available are pretty basic, they’re definitely worth a look. Rumor has it that LinkedIn also plans to add engagement rate to these metrics, so keep an eye out for this space…

Workplace by Meta integration with Microsoft Teams

After announcing last month’s rebranding of the Facebook umbrella brand to Meta, we’re now hearing that Microsoft will partner with Meta this month to integrate “Teams” into Facebook Workplace.

This means that employees can now share content from Workplace news feeds or groups directly in Microsoft teams, meaning they can view, comment on and respond to meetings without having to switch between the two apps.

On the other hand, live streamed videos from Teams can now also be added directly to Workplace Groups. Microsoft Teams will be integrated into the Meta Portal device next month so that people within Teams can make video calls.

YouTube brings shopable live streams for everyone

YouTube is jumping on the livestream shopping cart as it debuts its first round of livestream shopping events this month in the lead up to Christmas.

This allows viewers to interact with major brand creators in real time and purchase their products directly within the YouTube app itself. While this was only live until Nov. 22, YouTube says it plans to integrate the new feature organically onto the platform so that an ecommerce business with a mobile device can easily host a live store stream.

Now that consumers want to make the experience of researching, rating and buying products online at home as easy as possible, it’s time to set up a YouTube channel for your brand if you don’t already have one.

Facebook adds new trading features to Groups

Continuing with the topic of shopping, Facebook has added some new eCommerce features to Groups with the aim of taking advantage of niche targeting and community engagement.

The biggest new feature is the ‘Shop Tab’ which can now be added to individual groups. This means that when a store is available and set up correctly, the tab will appear for members of that specific group in the navigation.

Products will also be featured in a separate panel, giving brands the opportunity to highlight specific products relevant to the specific interests of group members as well as communities within news feeds. This is intended to increase the likelihood of customers purchasing products as Facebook becomes more and more of an e-commerce platform.

Facebook also adds product recommendations to groups with the idea of engaging experts within that community and helping members find items that are more relevant to them.


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