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April 30, 2023

LinkedIn introduces verified work references via Microsoft Entra

LinkedIn users want to make themselves appear more credible to other users of the professional social network. Now they can do this by verifying their workplace with Microsoft Entra. With this new feature, organizations can use Microsoft Entra Verified ID to create custom digital employee IDs that members can add to their profiles.

According to Microsoft, members of an organization can get their organization’s digital employee ID and share it on LinkedIn. Others can then view it on their profiles. With this digital id verification, Microsoft envisions a time when we can digitally verify our education, skills and connection to the workplace.

Microsoft describes something called the triangle of trust and says:

“Verified ID is built on open standards for decentralized identity, which operates on a “triangle of trust” model involving three parties: an issuer, a holder and a verifier. For example, an organization can act as a publisher by cryptographically signing a digital credential and issuing it to an employee as a digital employee ID. As a reference holder, the employee may decide to share their credentials with apps and websites, such as LinkedIn. Then the verifier can cryptographically verify that the digital employee ID is real and has been issued by the workplace the employee claims. This approach is a more secure, convenient and reliable way to verify digital information on a large scale.”

Some other applications for which Microsoft wants to use verified IDs include background checks, rewards programs and more. Employers can start issuing employee IDs with Verified ID today. There are also some self-studies to get you started.

Source: neowin

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