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August 10, 2023

LinkedIn and Microsoft Designer: The Future of Visual Innovation

Lindsey Gamble revealed this feature in a recent tweet. This innovation could lead to an advanced way of image development and a comprehensive set of tools for direct visual editing within the app.

As seen in examples, this new integration will introduce better AI tools that work seamlessly within the app. This allows users to add text prompts that create visual elements.

Users will soon be able to use templates, create GIFs and even generate videos without leaving the platform.

Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn, introduced the Designer program in 2022. This program focuses on creating high-quality visuals based on text prompts.

This illustrates how generative AI technology can produce content for social posts. Ultimately, this provides the perfect complement to the LinkedIn app. This addition to LinkedIn could be a significant update.

Currently, the feature is in the testing phase, so only a few users can benefit from it. Once this is available, a new icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this will take you to a new Designer window where you can experiment with various visual options.

It seems that this will be a very popular addition that users will love. We will keep you posted on further developments regarding this rollout.

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