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October 23, 2021

Microsoft Teams simplifies switching meeting views

Microsoft Teams will soon introduce a brand new feature that simplifies switching between different views during meetings. With the arrival of the new view switch, which will appear prominently in the top bar of the Teams meeting interface, users can effortlessly switch between various modes such as Together mode, Focus mode, Gallery on top and Full screen mode.

Important updates:

  • Introduction View Switch: This handy tool will soon be added to Microsoft Teams, making it easier to switch between different views during a meeting.
  • Current Situation: Changing views currently requires navigating through the ellipsis menu (the three dots), which is not always quick and intuitive.
  • Announcement and Availability: The feature was originally announced in March 2021 during the Ignite event and is scheduled to launch this month, although dates on the Microsoft 365 roadmap are subject to change.

Microsoft announced the view-switcher for teams at Ignite in March 2021. Now a recently updated entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap states that the feature could arrive this month. Dates on the roadmap are always subject to change, so we may have to wait a little longer to use the view switcher.

The display switch promises smoother and more efficient management of display options during online meetings, allowing participants to better experience content according to their preferences. Although it seems like a small addition, it significantly increases the usability of Teams by providing instantly accessible options for customizing the display. This can be especially useful at a time when video meetings have become an essential part of our daily work and communication.

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This is yet another example of how Microsoft continues to innovate and continuously improve the user experience of their products, which is essential for users who depend on efficient and effective communication tools in their professional lives.

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