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September 30, 2022

Microsoft Teams makes it easier by filtering unread items in the activity feed

Microsoft plans to make it easier for users to catch up on important notifications from activity feeds in Teams. The Microsoft Teams desktop app gets a new toggle button that allows users to view all unread items in the activity feed with a single click.

The activity feed in Microsoft Teams allows users to track unread messages, replies, likes, @mentions and other relevant activity in channels. Soon it will be possible to filter unread activities by selecting the More Options menu (. . .) and selecting the “Unread” option. However, this process may not be convenient for some users.

To make the activity feed more useful, Microsoft Teams will soon allow users to enable a toggle button to quickly view all unread activities. “Unread Toggle helps the user review only unread items on the activity feed easily and efficiently,” the company explains on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Filtering unread notifications from activity feeds in Microsoft Teams

To filter unread activities in Teams, users must click on the activity option in the sidebar and enable the “Unread Only” toggle button. Once clicked, the activity window displays all unread notifications (filtered and ordered by date).

However, users will see the message “You are all caught up!” in case there are no unread activities. It is also possible to mark certain notifications as unread in order to deal with them later.

activity feed filter unread

Microsoft stressed that the new filtering capabilities will help users better manage their activity feed. It should make it easier to go back to important announcements that they may miss during the day.

The new Microsoft Teams feature is currently under development and is expected to appear in public preview in early October. The company plans to release this update in late November for all Microsoft Teams users. However, Microsoft says IT administrators cannot manage this feature through tenant-level settings.

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