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June 07, 2023

Microsoft Teams introduces new Visio app for enhanced diagramming experience

Microsoft announced today that Visio is now available as a personal app in Microsoft Teams. The new app is installed by default for all enterprise customers and includes new features to improve the experience with diagrams in Teams.

“With a private workspace, users can view, edit and create Visio files in a central location without leaving Teams. We are integrating the Visio app where the work happens to streamline and improve collaboration on business processes, organizational charts, product launch schedules and more,” Microsoft explained in a blog post.

A preview of the new Visio app in Microsoft Teams

To access the Visio app in Microsoft Teams, users must click on the More Added Apps icon (…). Then click the Visio icon to create a new file or view favorites, recently opened/recommended/shared files. Users can also use the built-in templates to create Visio diagrams based on specific needs.

Pop out Visio app
An image showing the Visio app as a separate window in Microsoft Teams

Availability of the new Visio app for different licenses and languages

Microsoft’s new Visio app is currently available as a preview for all organizations with Microsoft 365 commercial licenses and Visio Plan 1 and Visio Plan 2 licenses. The Visio app allows users to create files in 31 different languages. Microsoft will continue to monitor user feedback to expand the availability of the Visio app in Teams for government customers worldwide.

Enrich your collaboration with the new Visio app

Integrating the Visio app into Microsoft Teams provides users with a seamless diagramming experience, contributing to more effective collaboration and more productive teams in the workplace. Take advantage of this new app to streamline and make business processes, organizational charts, product launch schedules and more efficient. Increase productivity and improve your collaboration by embracing the Visio app and creating organic workflows within Microsoft Teams.

Source: Microsoft

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