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May 04, 2022

Microsoft Teams Customer Lockbox now available

Microsoft Teams now officially has the customer lockbox feature, which also prevents Microsoft from seeing your content.

Microsoft Teams is getting interesting new features for its more than 270 million active users. Notably, new search enhancements and a “lockbox” to control who has access to content on the platform.

According to Microsoft, users should see an immediate difference when they start searching on Teams. First, the search is less cluttered with summary results that provide more immediate context. Microsoft is also adding more filters to make it easier to refine searches.

Microsoft is increasingly putting its focus on search, despite not being known for any significant search other than Bing’s so-called performance. As Microsoft Teams becomes increasingly integrated with Windows 11, platform and app search is important.

In addition to search improvements, Microsoft is also bringing a new “lockbox” for customers into Teams. This new feature allows administrators to control when other users can access content and perform tasks. You may recall that Microsoft first announced it was bringing lockbox to Teams and now there is Customer Lockdown for Microsoft Azure.


If you are not familiar with Customer Lockbox, it is a tool that Microsoft uses on numerous platforms and apps, such as Azure, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. It prevents Microsoft or other users from accessing information when a customer is troubleshooting or servicing:

“Customer Lockbox provides an interface for customers to review and approve or deny requests for access to customer data. It is used in cases where a Microsoft technician needs to access customer data, either in response to a customer-initiated support ticket or a problem identified by Microsoft. “

source: winbuzzer

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