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May 21, 2023

Improved search experience in Microsoft Teams chats and channels

Microsoft has announced improvements to the search experience in Microsoft Teams chats and channels. A new search window in the sidebar makes it easy to find messages, files and URLs shared within a specific chat or channel.

Currently, the Microsoft Teams desktop app has a search bar in the top navigation bar, but it limits viewing chats and channels. The new search experience allows users to view search results alongside chats and channels. This also works with pop-out chats in Microsoft Teams.

teams channel search

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is also adding a new “Search Channel” button to the Teams channel information window. This allows users to perform contextual searches and find relevant information more easily.

The enhanced search experience will be rolled out to commercial customers next month, while all government customers will have access to the feature in July 2023. In addition, Microsoft is working to revamp the channel experience in Microsoft Teams to further improve engagement and collaboration.

teams chat search

Source: Microsoft

These new features are expected to be available by mid-June 2023.

source: petri

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