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August 30, 2022

I’m often recognized as the Microsoft 365 specialist

I am often recognized as the Microsoft 365 specialist with interesting posts on LinkedIn.

The other day I was at a festival and suddenly I was held by my arm and addressed, “Microsoft365 stuff at Latin Village”, I asked if he knew me and he replied “yeah of course man, from LinkedIn anyway”😅. That was another beautiful moment that I will not forget. I am very grateful to my fans.

This happens more often on the street (e.g., during sports, on the highway, in the Microsoft building at Schiphol Airport, etc.) that people recognize me.

I post daily on LinkedIn and multiple social media channels because I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with my nearly 15,000 followers, and thankfully it is appreciated, thank you for all the wonderful posts.🙏🏽

That’s not all because I also blog daily at (now nearly 1,500 blogs) and there you can also sign up for the weekly newsletter for free in your mailbox📥.

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