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Microsoft Teams Adds Meeting Recaps

Microsoft Teams adds meeting summarys to keep you informed.

In a world where we are always “quick to talk”, you will undoubtedly miss a few virtual chats. We can’t be everywhere at once, and that’s where a new feature for Microsoft Teams comes in. With meeting summaries, you can get carried away in a meeting you missed or go back to what’s been discussed. As Windows Latest reports, Microsoft announced the feature last year and is now rolling it out to some users, with the full rollout expected by the end of February. Summaries include the history of instant messages, notes, recordings, and transcripts, if available. “A summary of the meeting helps teams stay on track and get on with their work after the meeting ends,” microsoft says.

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Microsoft Teams gets a new and improved dark mode and icons.

On the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal, Microsoft has announced the rollout of an upgraded Dark Mode for Microsoft Teams. The new dark mode will cover more of the user interface, an upgrade from the old version that still has some purple areas in the top menu and left pane uncovered. Microsoft is also launching a new range of icons for the customer, designed to give them a more modern look.

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Microsoft Teams has been given a new tool to manage approval requests.

The new Approvals app is now being rolled out for Microsoft Teams. The app allows people to create, manage, and share approvals for items, such as expense statements and other requests. You can create items for approval from a chat or channel or directly from the Approvals app within Microsoft Teams. The feature is now being rolled out and should be widely available by mid-January, according to Microsoft. When you submit an item for approval, those who need to approve it will be notified. They can then read the details included as part of the request. If the approval request was sent within a chat or channel, approvers will see a message with boxes to approve or disapprove the request.

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Windows 7 to Windows 10

More than 100 million people worldwide still use Windows 7.

Despite running out of support for a year, the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system (OS) still appears to have at least 100 million users worldwide. Microsoft has been saying for years that there are 1.5 billion users of Windows worldwide in multiple versions. “It’s hard to get an exact number of Windows 7 users because of the different methods used by analytics companies, but there are at least 100 million of them,” reports The Verge.

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