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April 17, 2023

Discover Novelties in Microsoft Viva’s Employee Experience Platform

With the latest round of updates for Viva, Microsoft seems to be pushing Viva fully to become a complete platform for employee experience. Understanding what’s new is incredibly important to mastering Viva and using the tools to their full potential.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the new features in Microsoft Viva. We’ll also let you know how to get started today!

What Is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform – a platform used to give organizations more control over how their employees interact with and experience work experience technology, with the goal of integration into their current systems.

The platform, launched in 2021, aims to bring together learning, tracking, collaboration and communication into a greater employee experience for the entire institution. Since then, Microsoft has been pushing new features to transform Viva into an essential employee platform for companies around the world.

With huge global companies like PayPal having implemented viva in their workplaces in the short time since its launch, Microsoft has every reason to support it for a long time.

In doing so, they have added new features that have changed the way companies think about employee experience and engagement – and they haven’t stopped in 2023. Let’s take a look at all the new features they introduced!

Viva Engage: Answers In Viva

Collaboration and communication are key to the success of any modern business. Answers in Viva brings the communication and collaboration process of a forum site to your business.

With Answers in Viva, you can build your own knowledge base while ensuring that employees within your institution have access to the answers they need to perform their tasks.

The forum style means employees can freely ask questions in an open forum and receive quality feedback and answers from various employees institution-wide.

Viva Engage: Leadership angle

Good leadership is an important part of any good team. Leadership Corner is an important tool to ensure that your team can see leaders and feel welcome to interact with them – while also staying informed.

Leaders can make announcements for specific communities and organize events, which can further bring your staff together and ensure that the leadership in your organization is strong and close to the rest of the team.

Fully customizable – just like the rest of the platform – the leadership corner is the key place for your employees to get to know their team’s leaders and communicate with them more productively and positively.

Viva Engage: Ask Me Anything Events

An AMA (ask-me-anything) event is a session where users can ask questions of leaders and other knowledgeable contributors to better understand their work.

This will help bring your employees together and help them connect even more, while also being a way for them to stay informed about important aspects of your organization.

Ultimately, this is another way to create discussion throughout your organization and help employees connect in a more free and open way – creating organic and thoughtful discussions about important issues within your organization.

Viva Sales: Ai-generated E-Mail Answers

Using GPT technology, Viva Sales now enables AI email replies – which can save employees throughout your organization a lot of time in automatically replying to emails they don’t need to answer manually.

Viva Sales creates an email “kickstart” for you to explore and change variables within. You can continue generating new kickstarts until you find the right one for you and change anything needed in the email – which means the control is completely in your hands.

Viva Sales: Live People Cards

With Live People Cards, you can seamlessly obtain information about the person you are communicating with without having to search for the information or leave the application you are using.

Using Live People Cards effectively in your workflow essentially means that you never have to leave your current flow to find out or contextualize whomever you are communicating with – all the information is there, inline.

Viva Connections: New Home Experience

The new home experience within Viva Connections feels great to use and makes using the tool much easier for all your employees – with a new, richer experience all around.

This makes using Viva connections much more satisfying and convenient for everyone in your organization and ensures they have hassle-free access to the tools they need.

Viva Learning: Learning Path Creation

Development and learning are key to the success of any modern business. Viva Learning further reinforces this with its new Learning Path Creation tool, which allows companies to create enriching learning experiences throughout their organizations.

With learning path creation, you can use many resources to train and grow employees throughout your organization – and help them reach their full potential.

All around, this will further help your organization’s development capabilities, allowing employees to truly enrich their work experience with new learning opportunities and pathways along the way.

Getting Started

Microsoft Viva is a great employee experience platform with many new features to enrich your workplace experience.

With numerous tools at your disposal – from collaboration to education and everything in between – Microsoft Viva can help you improve employee satisfaction and help you retain your top talent.

Source: carecomputers

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