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What is a modern workplace?

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A Modern Workplace ensures that employees get the best out of themselves, can work together safely and are flexible in the choice of devices and apps. This doesn’t make them work harder, but smarter. However, the modern workplace, with an important cloud component, also creates a number of new security & compliancychallenges. Everywhere, company information needs to be monitored and secured when employees use mobile devices to access the network and sensitive company data. A Modern Workplace is a prerequisite for staying relevant in a dynamic and competitive market.

No more place- and time-bound work

Today’s employee must be able to work on the desktop computer in the office, on the train on his tablet and always be able to check ‘just as quickly’ on his mobile. He should also be able to pick up where he left off on his laptop. The modern workplace is therefore a dream come true for many employers, because for example, no time is lost in customer visits and your employees can always think along when they are at a conference. Moreover, a modern workplace provides extra happy employees, because it gives them all the flexibility to work later, sooner or in another place.

The Modern Workplace Framework

Motion10’s Modern Workplace Framework helps you define what is best for your specific needs and the best interpretation of the digital part of the Modern Workplace, and the processes associated with it. The Framework also helps you to set out a roadmap that gives you insight into how best to achieve that ideal picture, and where your priorities should lie.

The five layers and workings of the Modern Workplace Framework

The Modern Workplace Framework consists of five layers. We assume that every challenge in the field of modern working starts with a strategic topic, and that logically a certain solution or combination of solutions will fit, depending on preconditions and preferences et cetera. So you run the schedule, from top to bottom.

Filling in the modern workplace
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Modern Workplace | The Art of Teamwork
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