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Microsoft added the following features to Microsoft Teams for Education in March 2021.


Microsoft Teams has played a central role in Microsoft’s push into the education market, and the company is constantly adding features to Microsoft Teams for Education to match and outperform competition.


Summary of the meeting

Access all relevant files for the classroom or meeting, such as recordings, transcriptions, notes, and files in one clear view. Students can see the recordings, transcriptions, and files in the meeting chat or channel, or for private meetings by going to their calendar, expanding the meeting, and clicking on the “Details” tab at the top. Those who missed the meeting, joined late, or wanted to return to what was discussed can play the recording and visit the transcripts of the class.

Summary of the Teams Meeting

Get an easily shared meeting link from the calendar

Users can now copy a meeting link from the Calendar tab and share it with others without starting the meeting. If you’re having an email, chat, or channel call and you’ve agreed to meet at a certain time, this is an easy way to copy a meeting link and paste it into the conversation.

meeting link

Enable tenant administrators to configure masking phone numbers of PSTN attendees

With schools or settings that have audio conferencing enabled for their Teams meetings, tenant administrators now have the ability to control how their Audio Conferencing attendees’ phone numbers appear in schedule view for meetings scheduled within their organization. The options include masked for external users, masked for everyone or off (visible to everyone). This provides flexibility in securing the phone numbers of PSTN participants. This feature is currently only available through the PowerShell cmdlet.

ptsn participant phone numbers

Video of outgoing attendees in meetings in Safari

If you’re using Safari, you can now turn on an outbound video so the class can see your smiling face. Just click the camera icon to turn on the video in the meeting. This requires Safari 14 or later on MacOS BigSur.

Touch Bar meeting controls for Mac

MacBooks with Touch Bars now have Teams Meeting controls that allow users to quickly access controls without clicking in the window. Users can open the View Attendees panel, open the meeting chat, raise hands, turn on video, unblock/mute, open the shared tray, and leave the meeting from one place.

Mac Touch Bar

New and dynamic meeting experiences on Android

The recently improved Teams meeting experience on Android devices now allows teachers and students to see up to 20 participants on phones and up to 30 participants on tablets. Just scroll right on your device to see all meeting participants. You can also view shared content and an featured participant at the same time. This improvement allows participants to follow the presentation while continuing to watch the video of the speakers and other participants. This is already available in iOS.

dynamic meeting experiences android


Android on-demand chat translation

Inline message translation ensures that each student has a voice and enables conversations about language barriers or with language learners. With a simple click, people who speak different languages can communicate smoothly with each other by translating posts into channels and chat.

250GB file size support in Microsoft Teams

The upload file size limits for Microsoft Teams have been increased from 100 GB to 250 GB. This also applies to all other Microsoft 365 services, including SharePoint and OneDrive. That means teachers and students can easily share large files, such as 3D models or large videos for projects. Learn more

Add Microsoft Teams to your SharePoint team site

It’s now even easier to transfer SharePoint content to Microsoft Teams while adding Teams to your team site. As you connect SharePoint to Teams, choose which lists, libraries, and pages you want to bring to Teams as tabs in the new, default global channel.


New file sharing experience

Create a shareable link for each file stored in Teams and instantly set the appropriate permissions, making it a better process to share files with the right people. In addition, you can also set permissions for files stored in SharePoint or OneDrive while creating a private chat or starting a channel conversation.


Bypass new lobby option

For the lesson it is useful to choose who can bypass the lobby and participate directly in the lesson. There are a number of different options to choose from, and this month you can choose two additional options: “People in my organization” (excluding guests) and “People in my organization, trusted organizations and guests.” This provides a different level of security and flexibility for Teams users. Available for both private and channel meetings, this provides a different level of security and flexibility for schools and universities that use Teams for class.

bypass lobby option


Live Event Presenter for iPad

Do you like to use an iPad for large meetings? It’s now easy to present live in Teams from your iPad. Just open the Teams for iPad app and select Join as Presenter to broadcast content to your class or audience.

ipad presenter


Create a task from a message in Microsoft Teams

Some messages result in follow-up actions. This feature allows you to create tasks quickly, directly from any Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation without having to switch between apps or windows. Select More Options for a Teams post to choose Create Message Task, and choose which individual to-do list or shared plan you want to save the task to. Powered by the new Tasks in Teams experience, you can then track and manage the task in the Tasks app in Teams.

Microsoft says they’re always looking for ways to improve the education experience in Teams, and if there’s a feature you want them to add, they’ll take feedback on UserVoicehere.

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