Project and Roadmap apps for Microsoft Teams

Announcement of Project and Roadmap apps for Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of the Project and Roadmap apps in Microsoft Teams. Connecting directly to Project from Teams has been one of the most important requests from Project users, and these apps make it easy to manage, track, and collaborate on all aspects of a team’s project in one place. This brings content and conversation side by side in one integrated experience.

Team members can create new projects or roadmaps, or open existing ones, in Microsoft Teams, and keep communication within the context of work and collaboration within Office 365. The Project and Roadmap apps can be added as tabs in each channel by selecting the “+.” icon at the top of a channel. Anyone who has access to that channel will also have access to that tab.

Microsoft Teams ♥ Microsoft Project

Nowadays, we’ve all become project managers. To stay up to date on the ever-changing requirements of our jobs, we need tools that are simple but robust enough to meet any requirement, flexible enough to support any project type and, most importantly, simple enough to work with anyone, wherever they are or what device they use.

The Project app in Teams helps you tackle everything from small projects to big initiatives, and is designed for virtually any role, skill level, or project type. You can do almost anything you can do in Project for the Web Experience, such as the automated planning engine to set effort, duration, and resources from Teams.

Projects in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams ♥ Roadmap

If your group executes multiple projects at once and needs visibility in all the work that’s being done, Roadmap provides a visual and interactive way to connect these projects and show their status in a transparent way across the organization.

The Roadmap – Microsoft Project app gives you a multifunctional overview of the work that matters most to you. You can create a consolidated timeline view of Microsoft Project and Azure Boards projects and plan larger initiatives for all of these projects, complete with important dates and milestones, so that all work is visible.

Announcement of Project and Roadmap apps for Microsoft Teams.

Note: All Office 365 users can view projects/roadmaps shared within Teams in read-only mode. Users with the right Project for the Web licenses to create and edit projects/roadmaps can do the same from Teams. Learn more about accessing Office 365 user view here and project for the web licenses here.

To learn more, see Use Project or Roadmap in Microsoft Teams. Then, notifications are added in Teams so that users can see what’s important to them within Project and Roadmap in their team’s activity feed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of projects can I add through the Project app in Teams?

A: The Project app is integrated with Project for the Web and therefore allows you to add projects created with Project for the Web as a tab. It does not support projects created on Project Web App (PWA) or Project Client (MPP) files.

Q: Which projects appear in the project app’s existing list?

A: When you add a project to a team’s Channel tab, you’ll find all the Project for the web projects in the existing list that is shared with the team (i.e. the underlying Office 365 group).

Source: Microsoft Techcommunity

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