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September 26, 2022

Work from any location on any device with Windows 365 Cloud PC

Organizations invest in service to facilitate hybrid working and improve their employees’ work experience while traveling

There is a permanent change in how and where people work.

In recent years, organizations have learned that it is possible to hire people in geographic areas where they may not have historically established employees. This has allowed companies to expand their geographic reach while recruiting new talent.

One of the approaches our clients have used to set up workstations for this new fully remote workforce is to implement Microsoft Windows 365. The cloud service allows organizations to deploy a fully managed machine within minutes, allowing full-time remote workers to start working immediately.

Windows 365 Cloud PC
Windows 365 Cloud PC

But what happens now that people are starting to find their way back to the office? A Microsoft-commissioned survey conducted by Forrester – Understanding The Role Of Modernized PC In Hybrid Work Environment Optimization – found that 53 percent of people prefer a job that allows them to work remotely. However, these same individuals also want the flexibility to work in the office when needed. Windows 365 provides both security and performance while giving people a consistent machine experience no matter what device they are working from. By using Windows 365, employees who work primarily remotely can remain fully functional when they return to the office.

Our customers are now beginning to travel for business again, placing new demands on the accessibility of their data. One of the biggest concerns organizations have when implementing cloud-powered desktops is facilitating the ability to work offline, especially for employees who may be traveling by air. Microsoft has addressed this problem with Windows 365 Offline, which allows users to work in Windows 365 even when not connected to the Internet. When connectivity is restored, the Cloud PC automatically resynchronizes with the service, providing a convenient and reliable work experience.

As the world continues to embrace hybrid work, all companies should focus on enabling their employees to easily switch back and forth between remote and office work in the most secure way possible. This is the time for all organizations to ensure that the tools and technologies are in place to enable employees to work safely anywhere.

Source: technology record

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