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April 10, 2023

With Microsoft 365, multi-factor authentication is simplified

Microsoft plans to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) directly in its Outlook app for many 365 business users.

MFA is an essential tool for protecting your online accounts from cybercriminals. It generates a second single-use access code each time you log into an account. It is usually sent to an authenticator app that you must first download and set up.

Security codes can also be sent via text messages or phone calls, or you may be given a unique USB key to plug into your computer.

The process is often made faster using a biometric login such as your fingerprint or facial ID. It’s a small job, but the protection far outweighs the extra seconds it takes to access your account.

Microsoft, however, is not so sure about those extra seconds. So if the tech giant can save you that time, it will do it. That’s why it wants to streamline MFA for Microsoft 365 business accounts.

It is rolling out the enhancement by building MFA directly into the Outlook app in an Authenticator Lite feature. Until now, it relied on a separate authenticator app or sending login codes.

No news yet for those who want faster authentication on our personal PCs. However, we will keep you updated with news if Microsoft has announced plans to make this feature available for more hardware or operating systems.

If you are not already using MFA for your apps and online accounts, we recommend that all companies implement it as soon as possible. The extra security it provides protects against most of today’s cyber threats.

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Source: cstg

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