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April 15, 2021

What apps does Microsoft 365 include?

When Microsoft started with Office products, there were only a handful of them: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. While most consumers still use the same set, Microsoft Portfolio has expanded to more than 20 apps under the Microsoft 365 brand. In this post, we look at the list of apps that Microsoft 365 includes.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

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In simple terms, it is the full version of Office that provides all products and can be installed on a computer. It can also be deployed to an Enterprise computer using the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration. It is a combination of applications and services.

What apps does Microsoft 365 include?

While Microsoft 365’s core apps and services include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams, there are many additional apps and services.

Microsoft 365
  • Apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint OneNote, Publisher (PC only), Access (PC only).
  • E-mail and calendar: Outlook, Exchange and bookings.
  • Meetings and Voice: Microsoft Teams with Audio and Phone System Support
  • Social and Intranet: Sharepoint and Yammer
  • Files & Content: OneDrive, Lists, Forms, Stream and Sway
  • Work management: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual – Agents for team, scheduler and tasks.

In addition to these apps, there are services and add-ons such as My Analytics, Power BO Pro, Admin Center, InTune, Endpoint Configuration Manager, Identity Access Control, Threat Protection, and so on. You can see the full list in the comparison plan.

Microsoft Word

Word is one of the most popular word processing and text editing programs today. It is used by students, businesses and the government. It is also the program of choice for many authors in today’s world. It is available in tablet versions and online versions. Word is often used to create pages in books and other documents. It is also used to create resumes.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the most powerful Microsoft Office applications and one of the most widely used worldwide. Excel is beneficial for individuals and businesses that need to manage numbers on a large scale, thanks to number crunching in various ways. It’s also good for manipulating and analyzing data, and you can create professional-looking graphs and charts without much effort. The program allows you to work with several types of spreadsheets at once and create a wide variety of charts, graphs, and models that can be used to help you better understand your data.

Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoin is a presentation design program. Lets you create slideshows that run with sound, video, and animation. You can also create slideshows and movies. It has the ability to create beautiful presentations and is an essential presentation creation tool and a useful tool for businesses.


Microsoft OneNote is much more than just a note-taking app. It is an organizational tool that allows you to collect and share all the information, ideas and tasks that are important to you. OneNote is a full-featured application in its own right — available for Mac, PC, Windows tablets, and phones — and you can use it to sketch, brainstorm, organize, share, and collaborate on projects, meetings, and other activities.

Publisher (PC only)

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software that allows you to create various things such as posters, flyers, and greeting cards. It is part of Microsoft Office and is used to create professional quality documents including newsletters, brochures, posters, flyers, greeting cards and more. You can even use it to create interactive PDFs and email newsletters. The publisher’s intuitive design and layout tools help you tell your story in a way that’s easy to share and print.

Access (PC only)

Microsoft Access is a database application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of software products. It is a comprehensive and powerful tool that allows users to build custom databases to keep track of all kinds of information, be it financial information, customer records, a personal address book or a list of favorite TV shows. No server is required. Some of the functions are import and export, filter, auto-update, export, print, etc.


Microsoft Outlook is an email and scheduling program that organizes and stores users’ emails, appointments, contacts, and other personal data. One can also use it to manage tasks and meetings and streamline communication between colleagues. It is a powerful email, calendar and task management system,

Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange is a service used by many companies to exchange and store emails, appointments, and other important documents. This web-based email service can help your business or group of friends be more organized and make sure everyone is aware of what’s happening. Microsoft Exchange offers services such as email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and much more. It has two versions: Office 365 Exchange Online and Microsoft Exchange Server. The online version is the one that works in the cloud and offers all the features available in the server version.


Microsoft Bookings is an online booking application that helps you manage your schedule and keep track of your appointments. Bookings is a way to communicate with your employees and gives you the opportunity to collaborate with external companies. It is also a way to manage payments as the service is integrated with online payment processors. This is a great tool for small business owners as it can help your employees manage their schedules, give you more transparency, and improve your business as a whole.

Share point

The SharePoint Server is a tool used to store, organize and share documents and information. It can help you work more efficiently by streamlining your tasks and making it easy to share reports and presentations with others in your organization. But with so many features and capabilities, it’s not the easiest product to learn, especially if you have little or no experience with it.


Microsoft Yammer is a cloud-based social networking application for businesses. This allows employees to create groups around a topic or project and communicate with each other. Users can also access the app’s data through APIs and integrate it into their own systems.


Microsoft OneDrive Designed with consumers and students in mind, Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that allows you to store, sync and share files between your devices. OneDrive comes with 15GB of free storage (which is enough to store a few hundred photos, a handful of documents, and some videos), and you can earn up to five extra gigabytes for free by referring friends to the service. While that may not seem like a lot of storage, OneDrive is ideal for small businesses on a budget that don’t want to spend the extra cash on expensive cloud storage plans as it offers 1TB of storage.


Microsoft Lists are similar to to-do lists. It’s a quick and easy way to record, prioritize, and share what you need to remember. It is available for the Enterprise and Business segment and allows them to build custom templates, integrate with the Power app, add automation, and so on.


Microsoft Forms is an online survey tool integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. It offers a wide variety of options for creating surveys. Once built, you can share surveys via email or social media, and users can be invited to respond using their Microsoft accounts.


Microsoft Stream is a cloud-based enterprise video service designed to improve communication and collaboration between teams. Like Slack, Microsoft Stream combines video conferencing, real-time messaging, and file sharing in one place.


Microsoft Sway There are several ways to create a beautiful, professional-looking report, presentation, or other documents, but Microsoft Sway is the easiest, best, and most efficient way to do it. Sway is an integrated workspace that makes it easy to create and present a collection of images, documents, and other content on a single web page, which is perfect for presentations. You don’t need to learn anything new to use Sway. It’s quick and easy, and it works with your Microsoft Office files.

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a service that provides users with a way to create custom solutions for modern businesses. It gives users the ability to use Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and other business services directly in one application. It’s a great way to make any app or document accessible to everyone in the company. Power Apps is designed to make it easy to get information in a form that users can easily use in their daily lives.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is the latest in the line of automation tools from Microsoft. Automation tools allow the user to manage, run and control other programs using scripts. Microsoft Power Automate is a software program that allows you to automate and perform various tasks of Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Office. It’s easy to install and use, and you can create a task from scratch without any programming experience. This software program is highly rated and has many positive reviews.

Power Virtual Agents for Teams

Power Virtual Agents for Teams is a new tool for Microsoft Office 365 that helps small businesses better manage customer service. The new tool allows you to create automated agents that can be modified to respond just like a human would. These agents can be assigned to respond to customer emails, phone calls and instant messages, making it easy to initiate communication without wasting time. For example, with Power Virtual Agents for Team, you can create an automated customer service agent that can answer customer questions, schedule appointments, or provide order information.


Microsoft Planner is the companion Office app for managing schedules and tasks. It is a web-based scheduler with a clean and intuitive user interface. With Planner, users can easily create tasks, due dates, priorities, and attachments. You can share your tasks with colleagues and invite them to collaborate with you. The app allows you to create multiple plans for different project teams.

All of these can be color coded to distinguish the tasks on the web interface. You can assign a task to a specific person and also add due dates, reminders, and notes to a task. The scheduler also offers the option to sync your Google Calendar accounts, so you can sync tasks across your Google Calendar and Microsoft Planner accounts.


Microsoft ToDo is a new task manager app from Microsoft. It has a clean, attractive and user-friendly interface and works on all your Windows devices, Android devices and the web. It has similar capabilities to other popular task management apps like Trello, but with a more familiar Microsoft interface.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions

Microsoft 365 comes in a variety of subscription plans, as not all products will appeal and come into use for general consumers. There are four plans:

  1. Home
  2. Businesses
  3. Education, and
  4. Company.

1] Home

Microsoft 365 Home is a suite of software, services, and devices that start with an Office 365 subscription and add extra security for families and devices. If you are a family of five, you can get Office 365 Home, which offers Office applications on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five smartphones. Microsoft 365 Home also includes security features for families, such as parental controls, a web filtering service, and device backup and restore. The apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote, and Skype.

2] Business

If you are one of the many business professionals who use Microsoft Office and Outlook on a daily basis, you may have heard of Microsoft 365 Business. This Office 365 Business software suite Microsoft Home + Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Intune and Azure Information Protection

3] Education

Microsoft 365 Education is Microsoft’s new cloud-based suite that helps educators and students collaborate and realize their potential. Teachers can use Office 365 Education to create and share lesson plans, assignments, and tests, manage students, and monitor classroom behavior. Students have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at their fingertips, as well as note-taking and collaboration tools to learn, research, and create.

4] Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Enterprise combines Office 365 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility + Security. It has everything and is intended for an organization that is completely dependent on the

I hope the post was informative enough to give you a clear idea of the list of apps that Microsoft 365 includes, and how each can be helpful when you need it.

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