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March 21, 2022

Upgrade suggested answers from Microsoft Teams may be helpful

A new upgrade to Microsoft Teams can make responding to difficult messages much easier than ever before.

The business communications platform is targeting an update that will include “suggested responses” in Microsoft Teams chats.

While widespread on Gmail , SMS services, and other platforms, the featured response feature will assess the context of the previous posts and present a handful of feasible responses, doing all the thinking for us.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap explaining the upgrade, Microsoft Teams will use “assistant AI” to evaluate past posts and provide recommended responses.

Users are shown up to 3 suggested answers to choose from and can also submit their selection with a click of the mouse.

At the moment, the feature is still marked “in progress”, but Microsoft has given a public release date of April this year, so we could see a debut in the coming weeks.

When released, the capability will be accessible to all Teams users worldwide using the desktop platform.

The new capability is the latest in a series of improvements for Teams as the company strives to make it a must-have hybrid workplace tool.

Recently, a series of add-ons for Teams introduced real-time interpreting, giving users access to a wide network of expert translators who dial in to meetings on demand. Once a meeting has started, participants can use a drop-down menu to switch between both the original recording feed and the translator’s interpretation.

Teams also recently stated that it is expanding the availability of its live captioning feature to a wider range of users in an effort to improve accessibility standards. Until today, the live captioning option was locked behind a registration barrier, so anyone entering a meeting as a visitor through a link provided by the host would have to do without the accessibility feature.

Teams continues to grow in popularity, with the company’s latest data showing that the platform now has more than 270 million active monthly users.

Source: itcompany

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