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September 04, 2023

The 6 Top Features of Microsoft Intune

In the constantly changing world of IT management, the role of endpoint management and remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions is playing an increasing role.

A clear outlier in this field is Microsoft Intune, a comprehensive cloud-based service that enables companies to effectively manage and secure their devices and applications. Intune has a significant impact on device management and continues to roll out new features. Indeed, the product has grown tremendously since its introduction and is now recognized as the clear leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Intune is robust, but as with any robust tool, there are certain features that stand out – and are often used by administrators. Here are the top six features of Intune that administrators can expect to use to streamline their device management strategies:

1. Autopilot: simplify device deployment.

Autopilot is undoubtedly a core function of Intune. This feature simplifies the deployment of new devices by allowing administrators to seamlessly deploy new devices directly from the cloud, a process called Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP).

2. Windows Update Rings: simplify patch management

The effectiveness of Windows Update Rings is also one of Intune’s attractive features. Windows Update Rings simplifies patch management with over-the-air updates.

3. Integrated Application Management: Seamless Application Implementation.

The integration of application management within Intune, particularly through the Microsoft Store for Business, is another prominent aspect of Intune.

4. User Data Management and Integration: Smooth Transitions of Devices.

Intune’s ability to integrate with other services, such as OneDrive, simplifies endpoint management strategies from a user data point of view, especially for parties using the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem.

5. Configuration Management and Compliance Policies: Modern Replacement for GPOs.

Configuration management and compliance policies have taken over the role of traditional Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

6. Endpoint Analytics: Providing Insight to Enable a Better User Experience

Endpoint analytics enables administrators to provide an enhanced user experience while ensuring the security of devices connected to your network.

The power of Microsoft Intune makes it a versatile and comprehensive solution for modern device management. As businesses continue to adapt to a rapidly changing IT landscape, tools such as Intune play a critical role in ensuring efficiency, security, and seamless device management.


In conclusion, Microsoft Intune provides a powerful, versatile and complete solution for modern device management. It can be particularly useful as companies continue to adapt to a rapidly changing IT landscape. Tools such as Intune play a crucial role in ensuring efficiency, security and smooth device management. At ALTA-ICT, we have the knowledge and experience to help you implement and configure Intune so you can get the most out of this robust tool. Feel free to contact us for more information and let us help optimize your IT management strategies.

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