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August 16, 2022

Seven key benefits of Microsoft certification

The IT job market is becoming increasingly competitive and unless you are prepared for it, you will end up in a mediocre company with low wages.

Since small I am super fan of IT and especially Microsoft. I went with my father to his work where he was an IT specialist. I really enjoyed it and knew right then that I wanted to be an it’er too.

I now have over 80 certifications, most of which are Microsoft certificates. In addition to my HBO, I wanted to get as many certifications as possible so that I would have many career options later on and could choose for myself. In addition to Microsoft, I have earned Linux, VMware, Citrix and Cisco (CCNA) certifications, among others.

Eventually, I specialized in Microsoft 365 and got to do fun assignments as a Microsoft365 Specialist.

Being smart about your decisions is the key to achieving success. You won’t be able to get your dream job with just your college degree; if you want to be the best in the IT field, it’s essential to have IT certifications on your resume. Microsoft certifications are in the spotlight, and young graduates and working professionals are eager to get certified by this leading technology company. If you want to take your career to a new level, here are seven benefits of obtaining a Microsoft certification.

Alta Martes at Microsoft Schiphol Netherlands
Alta Martes at Microsoft Schiphol Netherlands

1. Updated skills and knowledge.

The intensive course you take to earn a Microsoft certification will arm you with new and updated skills and knowledge. Choose an accredited IT college for the optimal learning experience.

2. Recognition in the crowd of job seekers

As mentioned above, there is competition in the IT labor market like never before. With a Microsoft certification, you can stand out from the crowd and impress employers at top companies.

3. Validation at your company

With a Microsoft certification, your opinions are valued higher because of your specialized skills. No matter what role you have in your business, you will have a greater voice in every decision and others will turn to you for help and guidance.

4. Higher salary

Better qualifications and more credibility give you the ability to negotiate a higher salary. Employers need candidates with certifications and are willing to pay extra for their expertise.

5. Many career opportunities.

A Microsoft certification will open many new career doors for you in various industries. If you want to change your job, are ready to try a different position, or if you want to change your career as a whole, this certification will help you on your new path.

6. Respect from your colleagues.

As a Microsoft Certified Professional, you will receive greater respect and recognition from your peers and others in your field.

7. Personal satisfaction.

No amount of money and respect can beat the sense of personal satisfaction you get from your professional accomplishments. A Microsoft certification will give you the confidence to pursue your dreams.

Types of certifications offered by Microsoft

Microsoft offers a wide range of certifications. They are divided into associate, professional and expert levels and come with specializations in various fields. The most popular Microsoft certification is:

Choose a certification that perfectly matches your aspirations and career goals, and make sure you find a high-quality college with experienced instructors to help you prepare.

Source: netsoftcollege

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