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August 22, 2022

OneDrive gets a new home page for its 15th anniversary

To celebrate 15 years of storing files in the cloud, OneDrive got a new look.

What you need to know

  • OneDrive turns 15 years old this month, and Microsoft has a slew of new features to celebrate the occasion.
  • In the coming months, a new OneDrive Home experience will be rolled out with a revamped recent view, an Activity column and support for attaching document libraries to the Quick Access section.
  • Microsoft is also working on an intuitive sharing experience for Office apps, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

OneDrive turns 15 years old this month. In its decade and a half of existence, the cloud storage platform has had many names, interfaces and updates. Now Microsoft has announced the next wave of plans for OneDrive. The service will get a new OneDrive Home experience, an updated collaboration experience and a new way to share content with friends and family in the coming months.

Microsoft has redesigned the OneDrive Home experience with resume work in mind. It features an updated recent view that supports sorting files by type. For example, you can click the word button to search .docx files or the Excel button to view .xlsx documents.

A new Activity column in OneDrive displays the most recent, unseen edits and comments for documents. That Activity column is also displayed in the My Files view, which shows @mentions, comments, and assigned tasks from contributors.

OneDrive also gained support for attaching document libraries to the Quick Access section to simplify navigation.

OneDrive Home should be rolled out in the “coming months,” Microsoft said. The updated landing experience for OneDrive for the Web is being shipped to OneDrive for Work and School users.

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Source: Microsoft

Microsoft 365 apps that work with OneDrive all now offer a consistent experience for collaboration. Microsoft started this journey back in June 2021. The company has also built a unified file experience that spans OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft also shared details about the new OneDrive photo story experience. The company recently began testing the ability to share a private feed that is only displayed to people who have received an invitation – think Instagram Stories, but for a specific group of people. It is now available in Australia on OneDrive for Android and iOS and in web browsers. It should be rolled out to the United States and other regions by 2022.

Source: windows central

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