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July 20, 2023

Merging PDFs in the Microsoft 365 mobile app for Android

Whether you want to merge documents to create a report, put together a travel blog, or collaborate on a project, we have what you need! You can now merge PDFs in the Microsoft 365 mobile app with 2 easy steps.

NOTE: The PDF Merge command is a premium feature and requires a Microsoft 365 subscription.

How it works

Select the PDF files you want to merge on the Choose Files page and tap the Next button.

Page Files Choose

Tap the Merge PDFs button.
Page selected PDFs with the Merge PDFs button at the bottom

NOTE: Before you finish merging the files, you can determine the order of the files you want to merge.

Page shows all PDFs that make up the merged PDF

pdf merged in microsoft 365

Tips and tricks

Any merged PDF created with the Microsoft 365 mobile app is automatically saved and available later for search and retrieval.

Source: Microsoft

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