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June 21, 2023

New integration for task management: Microsoft Planner, Loop components and To Do

Microsoft announced that users will soon be able to synchronize their tasks between Microsoft Planner, Loop components and To Do. This makes it easier to manage and track everything registered on these platforms, increasing productivity.

Discover Loop components and improve task management

Loop components are interactive collaboration objects that you can integrate across multiple platforms. They help create projects and collaboration. With real-time changes to Loop components, users easily keep track of open tasks and project statuses.

Outlook and Teams already offer the ability to integrate Loop components into chats and emails. With the new integration, users manage their tasks more effectively in Microsoft Planner. In Microsoft To Do, users can find their tasks in the “Assigned to me” section.

Important information about Microsoft integration

According to Microsoft:

“Tasks in these lists are automatically synchronized and visible in Planner. Assigned tasks appear in To Do’s ‘Assigned to me’ smart list. These tasks are also visible in Planner and To Do task view apps such as the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams.”

The integration will be rolled out for Microsoft Loop desktop, web and mobile later this month. General availability is scheduled for mid-July. In related news, Microsoft launched a public preview of the Loop app in March and later added support for Android and iOS personal accounts.

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