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August 13, 2022

New features enhance Microsoft Teams for Hybrid and remote working

In the past year, Microsoft has introduced more than 450 features in Microsoft Teams to help people work synchronously and asynchronously in hybrid and remote work environments. In July, the company announced more features to enhance the AI-powered hybrid work experience.

For example, Excel Live allows people to collaborate in real time on workbooks in Teams meetings With Excel Live, the Microsoft Teams meeting window itself becomes the canvas, so anyone in the meeting can jump in and edit a workbook without ever leaving the meeting screen.

Microsoft has also introduced collaborative annotations in Teams, which allow all meeting participants to draw, type and respond on top of content shared in a meeting using the Microsoft Whiteboard toolset.

Excel Live
Excel Live

Video Clip is another new feature in Teams that allows users to record, send and view short videos. You can capture your video and then deliver your message immediately, and your recipient can play it at their leisure.

Microsoft also announced the general availability of Teams Connect Shared Channels, which allows users to collaborate with people inside and outside the organization in one shared space where everyone can chat, meet, share, co-author files and develop apps together.

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Source: 2wtech

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