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November 10, 2021

Microsoft’s Q&A app for Microsoft Teams webinars and meetings has entered public preview

Often webinars end with a Q&A session, but doing Q&A through a fast-moving chat window is far from ideal.

Microsoft has been working on a dedicated Q&A app for Microsoft Teams, powered by Yammer.

By including Q&A in every Teams Meeting or Webinar, event organizers add the ability for attendees to have a focused, structured conversation where they can ask questions and engage in discussion using the rich social Q&A features they know and love. what they love.

Team Q&A

The Q&A app in Teams, powered by Yammer, is best suited for structured meeting scenarios. These scenarios usually have more than 25 participants with clearly defined presenters and require more guidance for collecting questions and organizing discussions.

The Q&A app can be used by the following user types:

  • Regular user: A user with Microsoft 365 credentials in your tenant.
  • Federated user: A user with Microsoft 365 credentials for another tenant.
  • Guest User: Any guests you add to your Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or Azure Active Directory.

The Q&A app does not support anonymous users at this time.

The feature supports unmoderated and moderated Q&A.

  • With unmoderated Q&A, all participant questions can be posted to the feed immediately.
  • Moderated Q&A requires questions to be reviewed by a moderator, whose role may be a presenter or organizer, before being published before anyone can view and comment on them.

Although Teams Q&A is powered by Yammer, it is available to Teams global customers in Public Preview, even if you haven’t yet rolled out Yammer.

Read more about the position at Microsoft here .

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