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November 08, 2022

Microsoft Teams web app is now available for Linux users

Microsoft in its early days never appreciated what Linux brought to the table. The situation is completely different now, however, as the Redmond giant has fully embraced open source. Microsoft recently announced that the Microsoft Teams progressive web app (PWA) is now available for Linux users.

Teams PWA can be installed on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers running on Linux computers. Teams PWA users on Linux will now get the latest Microsoft Teams features faster and “bridge the gap between the Teams desktop client on Linux and Windows.” Lightweight and reliable, the PWA includes many convenient features you need on a daily basis for meetings.

microsoft teams on linux
Source: Microsoft

Custom backgrounds, gallery view, reactions, the handshake feature in meetings, as well as large gallery and together mode views are all available in the Teams PWA. It also provides desktop-like features, including system notifications for chat and channel, a dock icon with respective controls, automatic application launch and easy access to permissions for system apps. So you don’t seem to be missing any important features after switching to Teams PWA.

Microsoft’s official blog post also states that Teams PWA for Linux can be used with conditional access configuration. According to the company, it will “help organizations deploy an industry-leading, unified endpoint management solution for Teams from Linux endpoints with built-in security and quality.”

Microsoft is encouraging users to switch to the Web application to reap the benefits of the new features that come with Teams PWA for Linux. The app offers a desktop-like experience even though it is a web app.

Have you tried the progressive web app microsoft teams on Linux? If you’ve tried it, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: mspoweruser

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